November 1, 2018

NEW Invisible Color Clear Self Tan Foam

Want to get a super dark without worrying about staining your sheets or clothes? MineTan has just released their brand new Invisible Color Self Tan Foam that goes on clear but develops a super dark bronzed tan for those of you sick of guide bronzers leaving their mark on your belongings.

Better yet, you can also go about your day without worrying about people seeing that you obviously have a tan developing (we’ve all fallen victim to that sweaty-dirty-face look before!).

How does it work?

The science with clear self tanners is that DHA, aka the chemical naturally derived from sugarcane, is actually clear itself. Most self tan formulas include tints and bronzers so that you can see where you’re applying the self tanner, to give an idea of what it will look like once rinsed and to alter the shade of the tan (such as the MineTan Color Base Tan Collection), so you can ensure a flawless, streak-free finish.

That doesn’t mean you’ll necessarily struggle with the Invisible Color Self Tan however. As the product produces a white foam, as long as you keep an eye on where you’ve spread the foam you will know where you’ve applied and where you haven’t. Using a high quality tan applicator mitt will also help ensure your tan is flawless and streak-free.

How to Use Color Create

Color Create

Or you can use your Invisible Color Self Tan Foam with MineTan’s Color Create Tan Droppers to mix and customize your very own color base tan. Look like you’ve just stepped off a beach in the Mediterranean with Violet or like you’ve just returned from Rio in Dark Ash. Achieve a deep, rich super dark brown skin finish with cool undertones by adding Blue Black. Mix it up, get creative and experiment with your own blend for a custom skin finish. After all… life is better in color!

For the pros…

MineTan also have their Invisible Color available in a Pro Spray Mist so salon and mobile spray tan professionals can treat clients to a transfer-resistant tan, which means they can book an appointment at any time of day without having to worry about the bronzers.

With the Color Create Tan Droppers, experts can customize and mix color bases to suit each clients needs and their individual skin tone and types.

Find out more about MineTan’s Color Base Tan Collection here.

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