July 2, 2016

Jumpstarting Female Entrepreneurs

Marque of Brands is excited to be working through KIVA.org to fund women’s business dreams all around the world. This year we have had the pleasure of aiding three entrepreneurial women from Colombia, Israel, and Kenya. All three are working hard to start and grow their salon businesses, and we can’t wait to see where their dreams take them next.

Paola has an 8 year old son & works offering beauty services. Her dream is to start a salon at her home to better provide for her family.
We are proud to have helped Paola achieve her dream by funding her salon set up.

This past summer Shira opened her own small cosmetics salon. She is determined to grow her business to support her future family.
We are proud to have helped Shira by funding her salon renovations & marketing material.

Christine is working hard to support her five children, and needs more supplies & equipment for her salon in order to grow her business.
We are proud to have helped Christine by funding the equipment and supplies her business needs.

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