February 12, 2019

How to tan your face like a pro

We’ve all been there; you’re getting your self tan on, your legs look hot, your bod looks babein’ and then all of a sudden you realise it’s time to do the face tan. Some of us choose to skip the face and just even out the color with our makeup everyday, some of us put way too much on and we look like we’ve washed our face with a face washer and a bucket of mud. Well, we’re giving you all the right tips and the perfect face tanning products to totally perfect the face tan to give you that natural glow all-bod-round.

Don’t forget to prep your face

We all remember the correct steps to prepping our bodies for a tan, but we often forget to do the same treatment to our faces as our skincare routine and products for our faces are always so different to our bodies.

Exfoliating: remembering to give your face a good scrub before tanning it is crucial. Ensure you stay away from scrubs or exfoliators that are oil-based as these can cause build-up and congestion which will result in an uneven tan. Or you can use a tan eraser as these are designed to remove build up, cleanse the skin and prep for a self tan.

Closing those pores: to ensure an even face tan, it’s also important to close up your pores after exfoliating to avoid build up in them. Rubbing an ice cube over your face or soaking your face in cold water will do the trick! Make sure you dry your face completely afterwards before applying the tan.

Apply moisture: the trick to perfecting self tan in any tricky areas is using a moisturiser as it helps it blend or works as a barrier to prevent the tan from building up amongst your dry/dead skin cells. For the face, we recommend adding moisturiser along your hairline, around your nose and ears and over your eyebrows to prevent the tan from changing the color of your hairs. If your face is usually quite dry however, you can use a small amount over the whole of your face to create a light base for the tan that will prevent build up and streaking. Again, ensure you use an oil-free moisturiser.

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Choose the right products

The biggest and most important step to perfecting the face tan is choosing the right products to do the job. Regular self tanners are usually perfectly fine for the face but there are also many tanners designed and formulated specifically for use on the face.

MineTan’s Nano Mist Tan Compact is the revolutionary tanning product perfect for the face and décolletage that can be taken on the go to top up your tan at any time. Combining an amazing facial moisturizer with a self tan using Nano Atomization Technology, tan is absorbed by the skin faster than ever before leaving it feeling soft, hydrated and refreshed. The fast drying formula builds a natural tan gradually over the next few hours. Watch how it’s used on the face below:

MineTan’s Rose Illuminating Facial Tan Mist is another mist designed for the face if a device isn’t quite your thing. Illuminate and add radiance to your complexion with the soothing benefits of rosewater. This beautiful mist will treat your skin to an unparalleled hydrated, conditioning finish to make your tan look more natural and last longer. This gradual tanner has been designed specifically for the face to prolong your tan and help you build a gorgeous golden glow. Use a light spritz daily as part of your skin care routine to build or maintain your existing self tan with a glowing, hydrated finish.

Another option is using tan drops. MineTan’s Luxe Oil Illuminating Tan Drops can be used on your face for a deeply hydrating radiant skin finish. Formulated with a decadent blend of coconut oil, hemp seed oil, jojoba oil, argan oil, rosehip oil, grapeseed oil, and avocado oil, the Luxe Oil Illuminating Tan Drops can also be added to your self tan to give it a deeper, golden glow. Or mix it with your daily facial moisturizer or serum for a custom-made self tan.

MineTan's Face Tan range: Luxe Oil Illuminating Tan Drops, Nano Mist Tan Compact and Rose Illuminating Facial Mist.

If you opt for using your usual self tan foam (which is totally fine!) make sure you pay attention to the ingredients in your tan to ensure there is nothing nasty that will cause congestion or your skin to break out. All of MineTan’s self tan foams, everyday glow gradual tan foams and pro spray mists are formulated with only skin-loving, PETA approved ingredients so you can relax knowing your skin is being well looked after while your tan is developing.

Choose the right tools

If you’re using a regular self tan foam, you can of course use your regular tan applicator mitt on your face as the velvety surface is super smooth and perfect for blending out a streak-free finish. You can use the edges and rounded corners of the mitt to get into the little nooks of your face.

You can also try makeup brushes or foundation beauty blenders as these are made for blending in the face and tanning products are similar to your other beauty products!

Start lightly

You can always add more tan to go darker, but it’s not an easy task to go lighter once you’ve put on too much! Make sure you don’t overdo it on the face as the skin does absorb more than other parts of your body. If you’re using a regular mousse or spray designed for the whole body, use only a very small amount and focus more on how much you blend it in. You can mix these tan formulas with your moisturiser so that it blends beautifully and you’re only using a light amount.

Using a gradual tan formulation will ensure you are only using a lighter amount of DHA on your face so that you aren’t going too dark and absorbing too much product.

For your hairline and ears, we recommend using your leftover tan on whatever applicator you’re using as this will only be a super light amount to just even out the color tone rather than totally tan your ears. This is why it’s a great idea to use tanners formulated specifically for the face as they are designed to be light, easily absorbed and can be used to top up and maintain the tan whenever.


Maintain your tan daily

As should be done with any fake tan anywhere on your body, the key to a long-lasting and evenly-fading self tan is to maintain it daily with hydration. As we clean our faces so often, we also usually start to lose our color from the face and neck before the rest of our body so it does require a bit more maintenance. As with most face self tanners, they are usually gradual tan formulations so using daily will top up the color while also moisturising your skin.

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