April 2, 2019

How to take perfect social media photos for your salon

Whether you own a salon or mobile beauty business that spray tans, styles hair, does makeup or paints nails, it’s vital that you can sell yourself on social media with beautiful imagery. Thanks to Instagram and Facebook, most potential clients looking for a salon or service will look to social media to conduct their search and help them make a decision. This is why it is so important to be able to show off your results and your businesses personality to drive in new customers and keep regular clients coming back time and time again. We’re sharing our top tips for perfecting your in-salon photography!


Perhaps the most important aspect of nailing a photo is ensuring the lighting is perfect. Taking photos in natural light and as much as you can get is always ideal. Walk clients over to a window or door to get the outside light or simply wander outside for the perfect shot in great lighting that will capture the work you’ve done better. Even investing in good lighting can be a simple way to ensure the lighting is always consistent in your results photos, such as purchasing a ring light that illuminates those in front of it while evening out shadows due to the shape.

Additionally, try to avoid using a flash when taking a photo as it will often reduce the quality and change the appearance of your work altogether.



While investing in a good quality, professional camera is worthwhile if you have the money to invest, it’s not totally necessary. Most smartphones (and even tablets!) released in recent years have amazing photo quality and can be put to good use, especially when used in portrait mode. Spend the time ensuring the camera is focused on the results on you want to show and avoid zooming in as this will reduce the quality.

Background & style

It’s always a good idea to nail consistency with your photos – especially when it comes to Instagram and people land on your feed! You should be using clean backgrounds that don’t detract from the object or person you’re taking photos of – think bright, blank colored walls or even a backdrop you’ve created that includes your branding.



Take the time to take multiple shots from different angles in trying to really capture the magic of your beauty session. For example, if you’re showing off spray tan results, legs usually show the best color – especially when comparing before and after. Try to avoid unflattering angles for your customer.



If you’re taking photos on your phone or a tablet, there are so many apps available for editing photos – free or paid! No need to go overboard with editing, but often you’ll find adjusting the brightness, contrast, highlights, shadows and sharpness can make a world of difference to the shot. This also helps in keeping your photos consistent, if you keep similar presets, filters or editing.

If you like to use collages to show before/during/after results, keep these as minimal as possible. 3 shots is the maximum amount of photos needed and stay away from fancy frames or text as the collage is busy enough.

Shake it up a bit!

While consistency in appearance is important, so it getting some different pieces of content. If you take all of your results photos from the same angle, people will start to lose interest. Take photos of tanned legs mixed with photos of the customer at the event you tanned them for.

It’s also a great idea to take photos of products you use in your salon as often customers love to learn more about the products you use or they’re looking for certain products to be used on them.


Photo ideas

  • Before, during, after collages!
  • Close-ups on results, particularly nails, lashes, brows etc.
  • The beauty work being done – e.g. someone applying tan, makeup or lash extensions
  • You and your staff
  • The salon interior/exterior/surrounding suburb


Don’t forget to also create video content! Use these above ideas to also take videos panning over results, showing progress etc.

In doing video, ensure you keep a super steady hand – keeping videos short and to the point helps this.

Get professional help

A great idea is to also invest in a professional photographer to do a big shoot to get some great foundational shots to use on your website and social media as long as you need. Shots of the salon, you and your staff, your products and the key services you offer.

Get permission

If you’ll be sharing photos of a customer, always get permission first! A lot of customers will be more than happy to (especially if the photos come out amazing!) and you can take it as an opportunity to tag them and allow them to share the photos as well which will drive up your exposure.



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