October 19, 2017

How to Take Care of Your Spray Tan Equipment

Your spray tanning equipment is a valuable asset to your salon. To treat your clients to the perfect tan, your equipment must be just as perfect. This will ensure your clients achieve a perfect tan every time and keep them coming back to your salon. Keeping your equipment in tip-top shape isn’t difficult, but it does require some daily diligence and attention to detail, and we’re here to help you out!
Clean Your Equipment Daily

Spray solution can build up in your equipment, making it critical to clean it out on a daily basis. After your last client, make sure to remove any remaining spray solution from the cup and rinse it out. When the cup is clean, fill it with warm water and run the water through your gun on the highest spray setting. This will ensure all interior components are free from any solution build up that may occur. Once finished, wipe your machine lightly with water and a soft cloth.

Weekly Cleaning

Once a week, be sure to clean all equipment parts that are not cleaned on a daily basis. You may use a non-abrasive spray cleaner on the exterior of the machine to maintain its gloss and new appearance. Be sure to spray your cleaning agent on a soft cloth rather than directly on the machine. Lightly wipe down equipment until all residue has been removed. When choosing where to place your equipment, do your best to position it behind you while spraying to avoid covering it in overspray.

Periodic Cleaning

How frequently you use your spray equipment will determine how often your filter accumulates residue. Excess buildup here can interfere with proper airflow into the machine and can permanently damage your unit. Be sure to monitor the amount of build up in your filter and clean it as necessary. To do so, remove it from the bottom of the unit and rinse with warm water. Set the filter out to air dry and be sure not to return it to the spray gun until it has dried completely.

While taking proper care of your spray tanning equipment may take a bit of extra time, the returns are more than worth it. Proper maintenance ensures that your equipment will remain in working order throughout its life. This helps you avoid costly repairs and keeps your clients satisfied and returning.

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