June 14, 2019

How to nail Instagram Stories in your salon

We’re certain that by now you know all about how important Instagram is to marketing your beauty biz, but have you really dived into the potential that is Instagram Stories?

Instagram’s internal stats show that Stories are used by a huge 500 million users a day. So if you’re not really using them, you truly are missing out! But there’s no time like the present to jump on board and since we love our Instagram, we’re going to share the best info and tips to help you really nail this platform for your biz.

The Stories are right at the top of every user feed, so, chances are, a lot of your followers and customers are seeing more of your stories and less of what you post in your feed, so it’s important to target them. What is also key to Stories is the fact that it gives a less-edited, more real-life look into your business, which so many customers love. This is your chance to really engage with those following you by giving your beauty brand a real voice through such dynamic content.

Stories offer a lot more content ideas than just regular in-feed posts while also having all the capabilities of a feed post such as tagging, hashtagging and geotagging. Polls, quizzes, music, stickers and GIFs are also fun features on Stories that allow you to create a unique brand voice and give your followers engaging, fun content that is short enough for their short attention span. If you have over 10,000 followers, you also have the option to put in a call-to-action or swipe-up link which is perfect for driving users to your online booking platform for example!


Working out your Stories strategy

So we’ve got you all psyched up to try out Stories now, right? Now it’s time to put this into action. You should ideally be looking to post to your stories daily to keep in the minds of your followers and to keep them engaged, but 3-4 times a week is also plenty! Do keep in mind not to be annoying or spam-like however, this will cause people to unfollow!

Having a reminder on your phone for days you want to post is a great idea and adds to the consistency. If you feel like you don’t have anything new to post, however, don’t be afraid to re-share something from your profile, something from someone else’s or a brand you associate with or even Stories you’ve done previously if they offer something particularly engaging, informative or special.

If you have staff, ask them to also create content and either upload it or send it to you.

Have little signs or pamphlets reminding your customers to tag you (and remind them while they’re in your company!) so that you can repost their stuff and give your followers a real-life example of your work.

Having highlights for your Stories on your profile are always great to remind you to create Stories while it gives you the ability to always save them for new followers and customers to see. Some good ideas include reviews, how-tos, results, price lists etc.

Make sure you do your research and check out plenty of brands and businesses who do stories well to get some inspiration and ideas.


Story ideas

  • Introduce the brands you work with and educate your customers on them! Make sure you tag the brand and you may just get reposted. For example, plenty of salons educate their customers on the many kinds of MineTan Spray Tans they offer!
  • How-tos are always crowd-favourites! You can show the best prep & maintenance tips for spray tanning, how to style your hair, how to do certain makeup looks etc.
  • Questions! Instagram Stories allow you to do a question box which is a great way to get customers engaging with you
  • Introduce yourself and the team! You can do little quizzes as a fun way to get to know them
  • Share quotes, articles, tips etc. you can either make these yourself or find them anywhere and share them!
  • Inspo! If you’ve got an inspo board on Pinterest, don’t be afraid to share some cool visuals, chances are your customers like it as much as you.
  • Price list/promos. Having fun promos or special offers on your Stories are a great way to get traction and engagement from your loyal follower/customer base.
  • Before and afters are also a crowd-favourite! Keep a bank of these on your phone ready-to-go at any time.
  • Advertise appointments available to fill in those spare gaps.

Don’t forget to tag @minetanbodyskin in your Stories!

Check out the rest of our expert and professional tips for running your beauty business. 



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