March 30, 2015

How To Make Sure Your Make-Up Lasts All Night

Be Bold and Beautiful All Night Long

Every woman should have a toolbox full of tricks and techniques that allow them to get the most out of their beauty routine. On top of using the best-possible products for your goals and features, you should also know what it takes to allow your makeup to last all throughout the evening. Wearing makeup on a night out should let you look your best at every second of the evening rather than become a hindrance to your appearance as the night moves on. Explore the following tips for allowing your makeup to last all night, and let your features be consistently brilliant.

A Good Foundation

One of the most important things to remember when shooting for durable makeup is the moisture content of skin. While moisture in the skin is important, skin that is excessively moist or wet to any degree will actually make your products come off faster. A good approach is to apply a moisturiser or sunscreen that you allow to be completely absorbed by the skin before you apply primer or any other type of product. It is also important to use a primer on the skin before applying any other products as well. This base smooths the skin, covers pores, and helps you to achieve a matte appearance with your final product.

Long-Lasting Coverage

When applying any makeup on the face, your approach to the application is critical when it comes to the longevity of the product. You should always start in the middle of the face and work your way outwards. This approach helps to ensure an even application. The product should also be blended into the foundation rather than being allowed to rest on the foundation’s surface. Blush products should always be focused on gels, stains, or creams in order to achieve lasting results. Finally, seal the deal using a translucent powder. This product will allow all of the products in place to set very effectively.

Windows to the Soul

The eyes benefit from a quality primer in the same way as the face when it comes to long-lasting results. A primer should be thinly applied over the eyelid before you begin putting on liner and shadows. An eyeshadow cream and powder can both be applied if you want to achieve the most brilliant possible colour along with staying power. Resist the pencil eyeliners, instead opting in for gels or liquid products. In regard to your mascara, stick with waterproof compounds or fibers. Fibers are particularly beneficial, allowing for easy re-application throughout the day.



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