March 12, 2019

How to hide tan lines with fake tan

While we would never recommend ever sun tanning to get tanned skin (that’s what our range of sunless tanners and gradual tanners are for!), we understand that every now and then you end up with unwanted tan lines from being out and about, which is a total nightmare if you have an event coming up and don’t want those tan lines being seen. We can’t guarantee you will be able to totally hide the tan lines, but you can definitely lessen the appearance and make your skin look more even all over with the help of tanning products. Just follow these tips below on how to fix those unwanted tan lines!

First things first, exfoliate & prep!

To first lessen the natural color as much as possible, give your body a really good exfoliation all over. This will prep your skin for the next steps. Since your skin has been out in the elements, in can be a good idea to cleanse and prepare your skin for the tanning products you’re going to use. We recommend MineTan’s Tan Eraser Ultra Cleanser which will cleanse and prime your skin perfectly for your self tan.

How to fix unwanted tan lines with self tan

Tan the lines

Choose either a gradual tanner or a self tanner. We recommend using a gradual tanner if you have quite a few days to fix the problem, if you need it fixed asap, try a regular tanner.

First, use the edge of a tan applicator mitt or a makeup brush/sponge to put tanner only into the paler lines – dabbing into the lines and slightly blending out. With the gradual tan, do this over a number of days until you have a close match to the rest of your skin. With the self tan, it will be more of a guessing game however choosing when to shower will allow you to tailor the depth of the tan. If the rest of your skin is naturally tanned, just leave for one hour; if your skin is a medium shade, leave on for two hours; and three hours or more depending on how dark the rest of your body is in comparison. Once rinsed, if you’d like to add more and try again to color match, you can do so.

Even out your skin tone

Once you’re happy with the color of your lines in comparison to the rest of your body, apply a light coat of self tan all over now to even out your entire color and camouflage the lines. We’d recommend a hydrating tan such as MineTan’s Coconut Water or a Luxe Oil Tanning Treatment as this will keep your sun-effected skin hydrated and nourished as it heals.

MineTan Applicator Mitt


Maintaining this hydration and nourishment is vital to ensuring your tan lines stay seamless for longer. Use a moisture-rich gradual tanner daily to keep your skin hydrated and soft while keeping the color topped up and tan lines hidden.



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