May 10, 2019

How to enhance your best features

As much as we may nit-pick at our perceived imperfections, we’ve all got serious natural beauty. The best thing you can do with beauty products is to enhance these beautiful natural features, rather than trying to cover them up and appear to be someone totally different. We’re sharing our tips and favourite beauty products to really making your stunning physical features shine through.

Nano Mist Tan Compact


There’s nothing quite like adding some radiance to your decolletage when you’re out and about, particularly if you’re wearing a low-cut or thinly-strapped top. Using self tan is a great way to add some color to this area, even out skin tone and add some glow! You can even use it to contour your chest and collarbones for some serious oomph. We particularly love MineTan’s revolutionary Nano Mist Tan Compact for giving our decolletage the perfect sunless tan in less than a minute wherever we may be! The gradual tan is combined with a moisturiser in nanoparticles to airbrush over your skin for the perfect dewy, bronzed radiance.


Arms & legs

If you’ve been working hard at the gym on those arms and legs, you need to show them off! Again, using self tan products regularly is the best way to enhance these features as they even out skin tone and the color enhances where you’re toned. Due to these benefits, they can also give a slimming appearance especially products with caffeine such as MineTan’s Workout Ready Self Tan Foam.

Why Your Skin is Dry

Your skin

We get it, you spend money and time on putting the best serums, lotions and creams on your face to give your skin that healthy glow, so of course you want to emphasise the beauty! Using a face tanner regularly in your skincare and beauty routine is a great way to give a healthy glow and radiance to your face. MineTan’s Face Tanners are all gradual tanning moisturisers designed specifically for the face, so your skin is treated to intense hydration as well as a touch of color to even out your complexion and really add some life to your skin.

MineTan Face Tanning Range


The eyes… the window to the soul… ideal for enhancement! To widen and brighten your eyes, opting for shimmery or metallic eye makeup will really make your eyes pop. Applying eyeshadows into the inner corner of your eye will also widen your eyes and give that doe-eyed effect that will have everyone swooning.


If you’ve got lovely luscious lips, drawing attention to them is a must. Opting for bold, bright colors is perfect for enhancing their shape and size. While if you don’t want to wear lipstick all the time, using lip tints in brighter colors with a bit of gloss is the perfect everyday enhancement.



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