September 7, 2019

How to avoid self tan clogging your pores

Ah, those dreaded black dots. We’ve all experienced it before… applying our self tanners ready to have gorgeously bronzed legs only to find our pores/hair follicles clogged up with the bronzers in the self tan product and now our legs look full of blackheads. This is totally normal and can be solved with a number of different little tricks.

What causes it?

Basically this happens when your pores are still too open at the time of applying your self tan (or maybe you already have larger hair follicles/pores). As in the lead up to tanning we always recommend to be totally clean, clean shaven and well-exfoliated, often people will have a shower and do all of this right before tanning. But this is actually when our pores are more open and more likely to get clogged, as warm showers and exfoliation open up our pores.

So how do we avoid it?

MineTan Ultra Cleansing Tan Eraser

Cleanse well to ensure your pores aren’t already clogged

Alternatively, your pores may already be quite clogged and therefore open and when you apply self tanner over them, you’re just adding more to the existing problem. This is why ensuring you are well-exfoliated before tanning is crucial. However, for some, it may also be a good idea to make sure your skin is also well cleansed by using a body cleanser. MineTan’s Ultra Cleansing Tan Eraser if the perfect product for prepping your skin for the perfect self tan application as it helps to draw our impurities and leaves your skin super hydrated.

Wait longer between your shower and tanning

This is a simple way to ensure your pores close themselves naturally so instead of showering and tanning straight after, why not wait an hour or two to let your skin settle down and do something else in the meantime!

Apply something cold to the skin

As the warm water and exfoliation process has opened up your pores, cold water can actually help close them. When you’re finished showering, switch your water from hot to cold and have a quick cold shower to help close them up!

Alternatively you can use something old from your freezer, such as a frozen ice pack. Rubbing this over your skin will help close the pores up so less self tan can get in them.

Invisible Color Clear Self Tan Foam

Use a clear self tanner

The issue with self tanners getting in your pores is often because of the cosmetic guide bronzers in the product that work to show you where you’re tanning. However, as these a merely bronzers and have no effect on the end tan result, you can actually get self tanners that apply totally clear! MineTan’s Invisible Color Self Tan Foam is a clear tanner that not only doesn’t transfer onto sheets or clothes while the tan develops, but there’s also no bronzer to get into your pores.

For professionals or personal at-home spray tan machine users, it’s also available in a Pro Spray Mist.

Always use a specific self tan application mitt

Using a smooth mitt designed for a perfect self tan application is key to ensuring the product glides over your skin rather than applying it in more rough way that could get it stuck in your pores. The MineTan Bronze On Applicator Mitt is velvety smooth mitt that won’t irritate your skin at all while you get your tan on!

MineTan Applicator Mitt



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