June 23, 2017

How to Approach Your Salon Targets

Salon targets are a great way to boost the productivity in your salon and give your employees something to work toward each week or month. Though salon targets are a great way to boost productivity, they can also be difficult to maintain or even achieve. But it doesn’t have to be hard to set and attain these targets. Taking on some essential tips and being savvy about it can help you when you begin approaching different salon targets!

Make Attainable Targets
Often, salon owners make the mistake of setting targets that are too high for the salon to achieve. When you set the bar too high, no one feels as if they have done an adequate job, and the goal is never reached. Targets set in this way make employees, and other team members feel like the goal is unattainable, so they don’t fight to meet that goal. Because of this, you should work to set your goal at an attainable place. Don’t focus on the finish line, focus on the next level to that finish line!

Slowly Stretch the Target
Once you have set your target at an attainable place, you can make sure your employees know this isn’t the end. In fact, the best way for your team to read the final target is by slowly stretching the attainable targets until you have reached that goal. Working toward something attainable a little over time will help build up your team’s progress until they are hitting that overall finish line target. Just like working a muscle to strengthen it, you should slowly raise your salon target until the final goal is reached.

Encourage Your Team
Perhaps the best way to ensure that your salon target is reached and attainable is by giving your employees and team members some good old fashioned loving and encouragement! Encouragement is a great way to boost the confidence of your team, so they feel as though their work is being recognized by you, the salon owner. One way to encouragement your team is by providing small cards of thanks or gifts of appreciation, so your employees realize how much they are needed. It is amazing how much more productive team members become when they realize how much they are appreciated in the work space and you’ll be the coolest boss ever!

Salon targets get a bad name because of so many people failing in this department. However, the failure of most salon targets is from lack of understanding the process. Most people simply give up with their targets because they aren’t being reached by the team. If you are experiencing this, you might want to take a look at your targets before continuing and applying these hot tips!

These tips will help you set and achieve those targets without forcing you to go nuts in the process. By setting attainable goals, stretching those goals until the final goal is reached, and encouraging your team, you can utilize salon targets in a way that you might have never imagined before.

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