May 14, 2021

How To: Add Self Tan into Your Skincare Routine

Love a faux glow and the look of freshly sun-kissed cheeks year ‘round, but not sure how to incorporate self tan into your daily skincare routine? You’re not alone.

Here’s our guide to incorporating self tan to your am & pm skincare routines 👇🏽

First and foremost, you must choose the right formula.

Available in mists and drops, each face tanner is specifically designed with the face in mind & works to hydrate, illuminate, enhance & even out your skin. Our Rose Illuminating Facial Tan Mist, made with soothing rosewater and our Cucumber Hydrating Face & Body Tan Mist are both great options for a quick and easy glow on the go. While our Illuminating Glow Drops, made to mix with your daily moisturizer, are perfect for a custom-made facial tan.  Add 3-4 drops to your daily moisturizer for a deep, dark tan or 1-2 for a natural, sun-kissed glow.

Once you’ve chosen your facial tan product, start with an exfoliating cleanser. A gentle exfoliant will help rid your face of any dead skin cells & even out the texture so your self tan will go on smooth & even. Next, simply follow your regular skincare routineFollow your cleanse by applying your toner, serums, eye creams etc. then you’re ready to get glowing. 

The final step in your skincare routine is your self tan step! Whether you’re mixing your glow drops with moisturizer or your rose spraying the day away here are a few tips for perfecting your glowing facial tan. 

TIP #1: Blend. Use your usual self tan applicator mitt,  a makeup brush or foundation blender to make sure the tanning formula is blended in evenly across the face, taking care around the nooks & crannies where buildup can occur (around the eyes and nose)!

TIP #2: Use your acid or retinol based skincare every few nights, and on the others, use your fake tan. This will give you a couple days of glow, then a few nights to exfoliate and treat skin before the process begins again. 

Ready to get glowing? Shop our range of complexion perfecting facial tanning products here: 



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