May 14, 2021

Hit Refresh! A Guide to Spring Cleaning your Self Tan Routine

This new season calls for some much needed spring cleaning! With warmer days ahead, what better time to give your beauty regimen a quick refresh. Keep scrolling for our step by step guide to spring-clean your self tan routine. (Hint: only a little actual cleaning required)

STEP ONE: First things first, take a look at all the bottles of self tan you’ve got stored away. The good news > our products are made as clean as can be, so the shelf life is approximately 6+ months if stored in a cool, dry place. The bad news > you can’t exactly Mario Kondo your beauty drawer if you have multiple bottles of MineTan that are still usable (#sorrynotsorry for making such incredible, clean beauty). 

Our advice, just toss out any repeats or bottles that look a bit more dated. Tossing out these products will help you get familiar with what you have on hand to reduce waste, prevent repeat buys and give you an excuse to pick up something new you’ve been wanting to try.

STEP TWO: Deep Clean. Now that you’ve cleared out, it’s time to make sure the products worth holding on to are in tip top shape, so they can deliver a flawless glow as we move into the next season! We recommend tossing your Bronze On Applicator Mitt in the washer or giving it a good scrub in the sink and hanging it in the shower to dry. 

STEP THREE: Get to organizing. Move your most used beauty products to the front of the line-up and stow away the winter products you aren’t as likely to use. Swap your heavy winter moisturizers and full coverage foundations for our Rose Illuminating Facial Tan Mist or our Ultra Hydrating Cucumber Face and Body Mist for a sun-kissed, natural faux glow instead. 

STEP FOUR: Just as new seasons require new formulas to keep you looking your most beautiful, they also call for a fresh palette of color! Consider this your official sign to bring back those sunny bronzers, play with new colors and re-create a sun-kissed glow in a new way. 

Play with color! Shop our range of color-correcting tans here:

Glow in a bold new way with our Bronze Babe Home Spray Tan Kit – the perfect way to take your self tan routine to the next level! The ultimate beauty tool for the confident, bronzed beauty who isn’t afraid to try something new!




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