August 14, 2020

Hey pros, the bottles are back!

We’re back to bottles, but moving forward with sustainability. As we continue on our journey towards more sustainable packaging and practices, we’re proud to announce that our new Pro Spray Mist bottles are made from 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) materials.

MineTan founder, Kirstie Kirkham, says “the number of consumers interested in embracing a cleaner approach to beauty has drastically increased.” While MineTan did already offer their Pro Spray Mists in eco-friendly bags, Kirkham says, “We had feedback from our salon partners that bottles would be more practical for their own storage.”

With this feedback in mind, Kirkham sought to implement an innovative and even more sustainable packaging solution that would benefit both businesses and consumers. “We wanted to find a solution that would ensure a move back to bottles was done with both sustainability and customer preferences top of mind.”

Each product is the same formula you and your customers love, just new, eco-friendly packaging.

What is PCR Plastic?

Post-consumer recycled materials refer to materials left once they’ve served its use to the consumer – so the packaging you throw out when you’re done with something for example! Common single-use materials such as drink bottles can be repurposed instead of being sent to landfill which takes a huge toll on the environment to break down and causes extensive pollution.

How is it made?

When you put your waste into a recycling bin and they get sent to recycling centers, the materials are then sorted, melted down, washed and then entered back into manufacturing to turn into new packaging options such as our new bottles.

Why is PCRP better?

Recycling and re-using consumer plastic is incredibly important as it means much less waste polluting the environment. Re-using plastics that have already been used once is both cost-effective and waste-reductive. With a huge amount of plastic being wasted and sitting in landfill, repurposing the plastic is much more environmentally friendly. Also, the processes involved in repurposing uses less water, fossil fuels, and energy.

We know that sustainability is important for the planet and an important value to you and your customers. By knowing that the bottles we provide are eco-friendly, you can be assured that you are reducing the environmental impact of your own business.

Better yet, the bottles made from already recycled materials can be recycled again by you.

In addition to making use of pre-existing plastic that would otherwise sit in a landfill, MineTan’s switch to 100% recycled plastic bottles will also reduce extra packaging materials needed for shipping and handling purposes.

The new bottles are currently available to Australian customers and will be rolling out globally in the near future.

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