September 29, 2021

give your skin a lil’ love with our body serums

Say hello to that latest edition to the – our skin-loving + hydrating body serums. Get ready to feel fresh AF + oh-so-nourished with the best skin conditioning ingredients from momma nature herself.

a face serum…  but for your bod

Looking for real, effective skincare to each and every inch of your bod? We’ve got you covered with our new range of body serums. Have a specific skin concern? Take a peek at the list below and we’ll give you the best targeted ingredients for the job. 

let’s bounce

Put a lil’ bounce back into your skin with a blend of skincare faves including hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, oolong tea + vitamin e that are all here to give your deflated skin a firm talkin’ to. Powerhouse ingredients to lock in moisture for plumped and smoothed skin.

lit from within

Want to help reduce pigmentation & dark spots while brightening & illuminating skin? We’ve got hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, licorice root + vitamin c going all out to transform that drab skin & get lit. The skin-brightening & antioxidant rich blend works to reduce inflammation & redness; smoothe uneven texture & tone; protect skin from environmental damage and help treat hyperpigmentation for illuminated, glowy skin.

as good as new

Refresh your skin with our renewal body serum that will have your skin looking as good as new. It’ll restore moisture and promote skin cell renewal thanks to a skin loving blend of hyaluronic acid and our skin renewal complex, whilst white water lily + lactic acid work to gently exfoliate, improve skin cell turnover, soften fine lines, smooth & moisturize skin. it’ll leave you saying “new skin, who dis?”

from dull to dewy

Is your skin lookin’ a lil dull + dry? Let’s get dewy! Packed with hyaluronic acid, botanical complex, ceramides + vitamin e who all take their job of hydrating dull, dry skin very seriously. The skin loving blend works to replenish even the driest skin, locks that moisture down and gives you the healthiest dewy glow yet.

as clear as day

This oil control body serum has a whole team of oil-fighting ingredients ready to take control of congestion for skin as clear as day. Altogether hyaluronic acid, guarana extract, willow bark + glycolic acid are teamed up to help exfoliate skin, clear your pores, fight bacteria, calm inflammation and restore moisture to get your skin in the clear.

Paraben free. Skin loving ingredients. Cruelty free. 100% vegan. it’s bodycare. done different. 



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