January 30, 2018

get tanned AF with b.tan

For us dark tan lovers, sometimes even the darkest tan possible still isn’t dark enough… so where do you go when that’s the case? Why, to the darkest darkest tan possible of course!

If you’re looking to be tanned AF,  b.tan has developed the perfect tan for you. And it’s called tanned AF… of course!

You’re obviously a super obsessed tanning addict with a huge tanning problem always looking for the next best (and darkest) thing in tanning. Lucky for you, b.tan doesn’t judge, b.tan enables this tan addiction by developing the darkest tans in the market with the attitude to match.

The best thing about tanned AF… is that is also includes b.tan’s 1 hour express tan formula, so you can be tanned AF in as little as an hour or go darker and darker the longer you leave it on. It all depends on how dark you dare go…


How to use

First things first, you need to get naked (or partially naked… but naked is always more fun).

Next, apply the mousse with b.tan’s super awesome tan mitt (it has thumb space and everything!) to clean, well exfoliated and dry skin for the best tan ever. Make sure you use sparingly on elbows, hands, knees and feet and wash hands immediately with soap and remember to wash those hands!

Shower after 1 hour for a dark tan or if you’re a super crazy hardcore tanner, keep it on as long as you like for an ultra dark tan. Rinse with lukewarm water only for 60 seconds and stay away from soaps or scrubs and don’t rub or scrub your freshly tanned skin!

To maintain your tan for as long as you can, use one of b.tan’s gradual tanners daily to keep your skin moisturised and top up the color each day.



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