December 14, 2015

Gaining New Salon Clients

If you’d like to bring brand new clients into your salon, there are several ways in which you can try to do so. These tips can help your salon gain the success it deserves in no time.

Entice brand new salon clients with deals they simply cannot resist

Gain new clients by setting up a promotion that’s hard for anyone to deny. Perhaps put together an exciting seasonal special that will save your customers a lot of money, for example, get 1 spray tan free when you buy 4 during the summer. The options are abundant.

Establish relationships with other businesses in your area

Take advantage of the concept of networking. Lure new customers by partnering up with other similar businesses near you and familiarizing yourself with their existing customer bases. Ask a fitness center in your area to advertise your current tanning specials for your sweat-proof Workout Ready tan, for example. Then return the favour by helping promote their excellent money saving deals.

Promote your business online

If you want to succeed in the modern day and attract new clients, you have to have a great online presence, no two ways about it. Even if you use the finest tanning equipment and tools around, you have to have a solid online presence that can spread the word to potential customers. Quality equipment alone, unfortunately, won’t tell the world about your business, regardless of how wonderful it may be.

Begin attracting new clients by creating a website for your business that’s organised, attractive and easy to navigate. If you already have a website, revamp it by recruiting the help of a reputable website design and development firm. Try to hire a web marketing agency that specialises in search engine optimization (SEO). If the professionals at your marketing company are experts in SEO, they’ll be aware of all of the latest and most effective strategies in getting your salon website higher search engine rankings. Higher search engine rankings mean that more people will find out about your business.

Gaining new clients for your tanning salon isn’t just about a great website, either. It’s also about being active on social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter. If you’re responsive and communicate regularly with clients and potential clients alike about new deals and offerings your salon has, you should be well on your way to tanning salon success.



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