November 4, 2015

How to Finance a Tanning Salon

Anyone with fair skin longs for that sun-kissed look, and you can gain from this desire while offering people what they want when you open up a tanning salon. This business requires little work once the initial investment is made in quality tanning beds and other equipment. However, you first must acquire financing, and there are some tips to follow to accomplish this goal and become a tanning salon owner.

The Plan

Success requires planning, and financing companies will want to see that you’ve got a solid outline for your business. With the help of your accountant, take the time to create a business plan, and make sure to spend ample time planning the finances. Some of the things you’ll want to be sure to consider include:

  • Necessary equipment
  • Wages
  • Insurance
  • Rent
  • Furnishings
  • Decorations

Explore Your Options

In today’s age, there are more options available than ever before when it comes to finding a financing company. It’s a good idea to explore your options to give you a good idea of the various interest rates and terms to expect. Keep in mind that many financers will try to make their terms sound attractive, but hidden fees can make the monthly repayment amount much higher than expected. To ensure you properly understand everything, take the time to read through the fine print. Better yet, bring along a trusted friend or even an attorney to ensure you know exactly what you’re getting into.

How Much to Invest

Aside from the fact that you have a passion for indoor tanning and have dreamed of helping others achieve their goal of a year-round tan, you also want to make money at this endeavor. In order to ensure this happens, you should understand just how much to invest. Few things are worse than putting all your money into something that flops. That’s why the business plan is so important. Here, you map out all the financial information, and you can carefully plan out how much you can expect your monthly expenses to run and what it will take to make a profit. This allows you to get a good idea of how much money is safe to invest and your tanning salon to get up and running. Never invest your money before you have a handle on monthly expenses and projected revenue.



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