October 21, 2021

elevate your tan with b.tan’s tan treats

Not all self tan foams are created equal. If you’re looking to elevate your tanning game with tan formulas enriched with skin lovin’ ingredients like hyaluronic acid, vitamin c, niacinamide and more… we’ve got you covered. Read on for the lowdown on ingredients that will help nourish + rejuvenate your skin whilst you tan. 

babein’ b.tan + skin lovin’ ingredients = the ultimate tan

Do you feel like your skin needs a lil’ TLC, but you’re not sure which ingredients will do the job? Here’s a little insight on all the goodies we have packed into our b.tan tan treats self tan foams.


Hyaluronic acid

Helloooo moisture! Hyaluronic acid is your new BFF when it comes to retaining moisture in your skin. ICYMI, keeping your skin nice + hydrated before you tan and after tanning is the key to a glowing, long lasting tan that fades evenly.

Niacinamides + Vitamin C

Blotchy skin and big pores stopping you from trying out a fake tan? The answer is our niacinamide + vitamin c infused self tan. The perfect way to even skin tone and minimize your pores while glowing like the goddess we know you are.

Ceramides + Vitamin A

Is it possible to keep your skin hydrated, reduce fine lines AND get your glow on? Why yes, yes it is 😉 Give your skin a little love and plump it up, whilst getting a glow with the best self tan around.

take a peek at the b.tan tan treats collection

i woke up like this

Not a morning person? You will be when you know you’re gonna to wake up tans-formed into a glowing, bronzed goddess. 

Sleep away your tired, pale skin with our dark overnight tanning treatment. It’s a slumber party for your skin. Triple action multi-depth hyaluronic acid works with vitamin A to nourish, restore + rejuvenate tired skin, while tanning you into bronzed oblivion. 

Rise and shine with a new bronzed glow, so you can tell everyone that you woke up like this.

pasty to tasty

Juiced up with niacinamide + peptides for glowing, healthier looking skin. Niacinamide helps to minimize pores, improve uneven skin tone and soften fine lines. Peptides will help ease inflammation and improve skin elasticity. Together, these hydration heroes work to protect your skin’s barrier from harsh environmental aggressors. 

Say “goodbye” to dull, dry, pale skin and “hello” to luscious, bronzed delicious lookin’ skin.

no sun required

Treat your skin to a ‘lil lovin while tanning yourself into ultra dark perfection. 

Crafted with a powerhouse duo of ceramides + vitamin c to help lock in moisture, protect skin from free radicals and even out skin tone. Get yourself a glow that looks like you’ve spent days soaking in the sun, while treating your skin to the ultimate indulgence. It’s sunshine in a bottle! (minus the harsh rays…)

drop it like it’s…

Get hydrated and glowy AF with hyaluronic acid and vitamin e infused gradual tan drops to give your skincare routine the hot lil’ treat it needs.

Just add a few drops to your facial moisturizer or serum or maximize your body glow goals by adding to your daily body cream. You can even add them to your self tanner for an extra ultra dark kick.

fake it, don’t bake it

Our tinted sunless tanning lotion with shea butter, jojoba + coconut oil to give you silky dark, dark tan that’s ready to glow… no need to bake it. Ain’t no sunshine here babe, just the ultimate fake tan lotion for a deep mid summer tan no one would ever guess it’s not the real thing.

Wanna discover the amazingness of b.tan tan treats for yourself? Get yours exclusively at Ulta or Priceline Australia now!



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elevate your tan with b.tan’s tan treats

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