September 10, 2015

How to Drive More Business into Your Spray Tan Salon

If you run a spray tan salon and are interested in optimising your bottom line, you should know that there are several business-building strategies you can deploy to experience profound growth. Here we look at five key strategies to help your tanning business grow.

1. Optimise Your Online Marketing Campaign

If you really want to drive more business into your spray tan salon, make sure that you’re optimising your online marketing campaign. More and more people are jumping online to shop and book experiences each day, which means that you need to develop effective strategies through which to connect and convert prospective clients. Typically, it’s best for you to hire a professional digital marketer to design and continually optimise your online marketing campaign. They will likely incorporate a plethora of proven strategies (online reputation management, social media optimisation, search engine optimisation, web design and development, etc.) to heighten your spray tan salon’s online visibility and conversion.

2. Create Membership Programs

You don’t just want customers to periodically come in to obtain your spray tan services. You want to ensure that they regularly visit your salon. One of the most effective ways to put this important process in motion is by creating membership programs. These programs should include special offers, membership cards, and other items that encourage your clients to return to your spray tan salon on a regular basis.

3. Build Brand Ambassadors

One of the most effective ways to drive more business to your spray tan salon is by building brand ambassadors. A brand ambassador is a loyal customer who regularly shares information about your products and services with the individuals in her or his social network. Not all loyal customers are brand ambassadors, which is why you should definitely focus on turning faithful clients into individuals who regularly market your brand by simply tagging you on social media and recommending people within their network. You can also turn clients into brand ambassadors by offering them discount coupons when they refer a friend or family member to your salon.

4. Use the Best Tools

If you want your spray tan salon’s conversion rates to grow, you need to offer the most excellent products and services on the block. Doing so is contingent upon your ability to access and consistently use the best tools available. MineTan Body Skin provide spray tan salon owners with a wide range of the highest quality spray tan equipment and spray tan solutions on the market. Check out the range here.

5. Know Your Competition

One final strategy you should incorporate to drive more business to your spray tan salon is to know your competition. This means knowing their prices, marketing methodologies, and other pertinent data that you can use to remain as competitive as possible. Knowing your competition enables you to maintain an edge that keeps driving more and more business away from them and directly to you.

If you’re serious about driving more business to your spray tan salon, you should know that there are many ways to make it happen. A few strategies you should try include optimising your internet marketing campaign, building brand ambassadors, and using the best tools available. By using these and other business-building strategies listed here, your spray tan salon can witness the steady growth you desire!

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