February 18, 2019

Content ideas for your salon or beauty biz social media

There’s no doubt that social media is a super valuable resource for marketing your beauty business or salon to gain new clients and engage current ones. But sometimes ideas can run a bit dry and we all end up posting the same stuff over and over again, which is not as effective. A good mix of a variety of different types of content will garner more awareness, engagement and keep clients coming to you so we’re sharing some of our top content ideas for you to implement in your salon’s social content calendar.

Before and afters

Posting before and after photos are the best way to really show off the results you create in your beauty business. While before and after images are by no means a new, never-done-before idea, we’d recommend experimenting with before and after videos for something different so you’re not just constantly posting the same old pictures every other salon or beauty business is also doing. Video is great for engagement and more likely to grab the attention of users scrolling through their feeds, so combining images and videos are a great way to have a variety of content types that show off your great results.

There are so many free and cheap apps you can download on your phone to easily put together videos so why not start learning a new skill today?


Show off your team

In a beauty business we’re usually working pretty close with our clients so we get to know them pretty well and, in turn, they really get to know us. Don’t just leave this to inside the salon though, use social media to allow current and potential customers to get to know the team. Introduce them, show them working, show them out and about on the weekend or at training days learning new skills, repost from their own social media and consistently tag them.

Your social media doesn’t just have to be your job either – most of the time staff are just as excited to contribute content and post on social media about their work so get them on board and encourage them to create more content and post on their social media as well as the salons.

Show off your products

Customers don’t just care about the service being provided, they’re also super interested in knowing about the products being used. This is a great opportunity to educate your customers on what is being used for their services and why you’ve chosen them. While you can also attract brand new customers who are loyal to certain brands or have specific ingredients they’d like used on them. Remember to always tag the brands you’re using as this is such an easy way to ensure your content is showing up in plenty of feeds!

You can also use this as a way to sell extra retail products you offer in the business as add-ons to the service you’re providing. For example, if you offer spray tanning and also sell gradual tans for your customers to maintain and top-up their tans, post about these on social media too!


Repost, repost, repost!

You don’t have to create all of your content yourself, you know! Encourage your customers to always tag you when they’re sitting in your salon (great Instagram Stories content!) and whenever they put photos up on their social media that shows off the work you’ve done for them – e.g. if they take a selfie that shows off their fresh hair you just did or shows off their legs in the gorgeous spray tan you just gave them!

Remember you can also use content from brands you use in your business as an extra resource as brands always have so much great marketing materials, content and information that you can relay to your customers.


Nothing gets more engagement or new followers than competitions! Why not hold a social media comp once a month offering a free service encouraging customers to tag friends. Remember to always check the competition laws in your region and the terms and conditions of the social network you’re using to ensure you hold a comp legally and correctly.


If you’re getting good reviews from customers, don’t just leave them to be found when someone goes looking – throw them out there yourself! Screenshot them and post on your stories or copy and paste the testimonial and put it on a beautifully designed text post that fits your branding. Always encourage your clients to always leave reviews and don’t be afraid to follow up with them after their appointment for feedback. Ensure you have a customers permission before you use their words publicly.

Even have a selfie-wall in your salon to encourage user generated content while the results are fresh! Offer incentives like one free service a month for the best selfie submitted.

Education & tips

Customers like to know that a salon or beauty business is at the top of their game. A way you can show this is by acting not only as a service but a helpful resource too. You should consistently offer tips (as small and big as you like) over your social media in-feed and in your stories. Educational videos are also very popular and great for engagement. Even holding Q&A’s is a great idea to keep customers engaged over your social media when they’re not in front of you in your salon while can also show potential customers where your expertise really lies.

This is a great way to also involve your staff in content creation.

Inspo & quotes

It doesn’t all have to be about you and your services/results, it’s also good to have a mix of engaging content that builds your personality. Think memes, quotes and cool photos that reflect your business and build a bit of personality. Talk about current trends (as cool or as whacky as they come!) as often you’ll find customers will have an opinion on it and ready to start engaging!

Remember to always credit where or who you’ve taken content from.

Inside & outside the salon

If you have a good looking salon, use it to your advantage and regularly post pictures and videos of it in-feed and in your stories. A really cute space has the potential to attract customers who appreciate a good aesthetic while it also shows off your professionalism.

Get behind your community and cement your place in the local community by creating content outside of the salon and in your neighbourhood as well. Boost other businesses by taking photos at a local cafe/coffee shop you and your staff frequent and take part and post about local events.



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