March 21, 2016

Why Didn’t My Client’s Tan Set Or Develop Properly?

In the business of body tanning, there is one question professionals dread to hear from clients, “Why didn’t my spray tan develop properly?” or “Why is my tan streaky”. Truly, some of the reasons are beyond your control. For example, if a client will not heed your advice to exfoliate, then it will affect the quality of their tan. Knowing the reasons why spray tanning is not producing the results your clients expect will go a long way in keeping your clients satisfied. And, it will prevent them asking that dreaded question.

Here are some reasons spray tanning does not set or develop properly.

1. Barrier creams – Many tanners who are removing previously applied barrier creams before spray tanning may accidentally rub off their tan. Fortunately, with the use of a spray tan gun, you do not necessarily need barrier creams, but it can be a great help to not tan areas like your hands and feet. Spraying can be targeted to the specific area that needs to be tanned. However, caution must be taken when spraying the parts of the body that absorbs DHA more easily like hands, feet and elbows at a distance farther than when you are spraying the rest of the body.

2. Moisturisers and other skincare products – These skincare products can act as barriers before a spray tan. Any product that leaves a residue on the skin can spell the difference between a spray tan that sets properly or one that would cause clients to ask that dreaded question, “Why didn’t my spray tan set or develop properly in certain areas?”

To achieve best results, it is paramount that the DHA in the spray tan and the amino acids in the skin react to each other. Skincare products like moisturisers, deodorants and oily products often obstruct this process and the spray tan will not set properly. The best time to apply moisturisers and skincare products is after the spray tan has set or develop properly.

3. Spray tan gun issues – A dirty spray tan gun will affect the quality of the application and the results of the tan. Ensuring that the spray gun is free of clogs before spraying will guarantee that all DHA within the spray tan solution will easily pass through the nozzle consistently. Also, check that the proper spray speed is used so that all the DHA within spray tan lands on the skin and will not bounce off or miss parts during spraying.

4. The client did not wait for the tan to properly set or develop and took a shower or went swimming to early before the recommended development times. Communication is the key. You have to be very explicit and impress upon clients how long they need to stay dry and shower after the tan spraying.

These are a few guidelines that should help professionals meet the expectations of their clients, to achieve that perfect tan.



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