October 21, 2015

Cleaning the Tanning bed

Cleaning your tanning bed is not only something necessary to create a sanitary and pleasurable environment to bask in while catching some vitamin D, but also a way to keep your tanning bed functioning at it’s best and brightest level.

When dust collects on the UV light bulbs used in your tanning bed, the amount of UV rays consumed by your body while tanning could decrease by as much as ten percent. If you’re looking to stay beautiful and bronze, you may want to consider cleaning and changing the UV bulbs in your tanning bed as recommended by your tanning bed manufacturer.

Another piece often left to collect dust by tanning bed owners is the ballast tray. The ballast tray is typically a tray found underneath your tanning bed that collects dust. Opening up your ballast tray every couple of months will allow you to maintain the quality and power of your tanning bed for many years to come.

While cleaning your tanning beds, be sure to remove the tanning acrylics before starting the cleaning process. They typically appear as a translucent acrylic sheet that covers the tanning lamps. After doing so, a damp cloth will allow you to proceed with the cleaning process.

Keep your cool down clear. The cooling fans on your cooling fan are often one of the most neglected parts of a tanning bed in terms of maintenance and cleaning. Use diligent care when wiping and cleaning the dust of your cooling fans, as it is quite easy to miss nooks and crannies.

Now that you know all the basics of long term tanning bed cleaning tasks, lets get into the daily sanitation rules that will keep your bed in a condition that will allow you to enjoy the delightfully browning UV rays 360 days a year. Staff should inspect all equipment of your tanning beds daily. After each tan, the bed should be wiped down and inspected for burnt out bulbs and cracks.

Paying attention to these few simple cleaning tasks, and keeping your staff on top of them will allow you to maintain the quality of your tanning beds for years to come. Allowing you to soak up some some top-notch UV rays, or provide a five star tropical glow for dozens of customers on a daily basis.



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