April 21, 2015

How to Clean Your Spray Tan Gun

It is vitally important to know how to properly clean your spray tan gun to ensure that it can provide you with great results for a long time down the road. There are nine simple steps to follow which we recommend completing over a sink or towel as to not make a potentially staining mess. We recommend doing this when changing the spray tan solution or at the end of the day when the machine is stored away.

1. Once you’ve set up an area to catch any possible tanning solution spills, go ahead and gently disengage the hose or machine from the spray tan gun part.

2. Next, carefully unscrew the cup from the spray tan gun. Be sure to dump out any un-used solution so that the cup is completely empty before going further. The solution can be rinsed down the sink.

3. Now that it has been drained, flush the empty solution cup with warm water. Once the cup is clean, go ahead and fill it to about a quarter of the way full with water.

4. Reconnect the cup into the spray tan gun and be sure to double check that the hose has been fully reconnected. When inserting the cup, screw it in tightly and slowly so that it won’t leak.

5. Set the Flow Control Dial to the highest setting and turn on your spray tan machine. This setting will provide the maximum level of water spraying. Spraying water is an important step because it allows you to clean out the mechanism and other internal parts of the spray tan gun which are otherwise unreachable. We do not recommend pulling the gun apart to clean. Running water through the spray tan gun is sufficient for cleaning.

6. Make sure that the spray tan gun is directed into the sink before switching on the machine. Spray the clean water through until the cup has been emptied completely or when the water runs clear. This way, the internal mechanism including the spray-pattern nozzle can be cleaned right through the needle.

7. Next, reset the Solution Flow Control Dial located on the back of the spray gun to your normal everyday use settings. Be sure that the cup is, in fact, empty before completing this step of the process.

8. You may now disengage the spray tan gun from the air-hose and gently unscrew the cup from it. Set the pieces aside momentarily on a clean, absorbent towel.

9. Finally, it’s time to dry the parts and tidy up your workstation. Be certain that all part areas are dry in order to be ready to go for the next time you use them. Wipe up all damp or wet areas with a towel or cleaning cloth.

One very important point to be aware of is that you should never submerge the spray tan gun in water. Sometimes the gun may contain excess spray solution but the best way to manage this issue is to wipe it down with baby wipes. If wipes are unavailable, simply use a smooth, non-abrasive cloth dampened with a bit of household glass cleaner to maintain a glossy finish. Carefully washing and drying your spray tan gun is the best way to ensure your machine lasts for years to come.

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