August 31, 2018

Choosing the Right Moisturizer for the Perfect Skin & Self Tan

There is almost no better way to take care of your skin and prevent damage from the sun, toxins in the air, and aging than properly moisturizing! Not to mention, how important moisturized skin is for the perfect tan. But, how do you know which product is best for your skin? There are many factors to consider, so follow these simple lil’ rules and you should be able to find the best formula for you for the smoothest, supple skin ever:

1. Learn to Read Labels

It is best to never listen to product claims on labels because they can be misleading. The most important thing to look for is a product’s ingredients, specifically the first 5 listed. Since it is required that ingredients are listed from highest to lowest concentration, these 5 can make up to 80% of the product.

2. Try an Oil and Humectant Combination

The top moisturizers have something in common – they are made mostly of an occlusive, emollient, and a humectant, with few additives. An occlusive simply creates a surface barrier over the skin to prevent loss of moisture, while the emollient is the ingredient that lubricates, hydrates, and softens the skin.

The humectant draws water out of the air and into your skin, so you want to be sure that your moisturizer does not contain too much. An abundance of humectant can cause skin to become too wet, and this can do more harm to skin than good. Also, too much humectant can reverse its purpose, drawing moisture from your skin and back into the air, essentially drying you out. Therefore, you should look for products with more emollient than humectant.

3. Leave Fragrance to Perfumes

Fragrance is the most common irritant and/or allergen found in most moisturizers. It is usually a chemical addition, and can be found in ingredients listings as either “fragrance,” “perfume,” or the French variation, “parfum.” Strange as it may seem, up to 83% of drug store moisturizers actually contain some type of scent agent, though it has proven to be so harmful in a vast majority of people.

4. Use Tanning Products that Contain Hydrating, Skin-Loving Ingredients

As summer approaches, you may find yourself drawn to over-the-counter tanning products and spray tanners to get a jump start on the season. However, many products on the market are made with harsh chemicals that will leave your skin dry and damaged. While you can be overzealous and moisturize around-the-clock for weeks before applying your tanner, it is much better for your skin to use a product like MineTan that is totally enriched with PETA-approved, skin-loving ingredients. You will experience an easier application, longer lasting color, and softer skin in one simple step.

While using one of MineTan’s products such as the My Moroccan argan-oil infused self-tan foam or products from the Coconut Water range formulated with real coconut water will ensure your skin will be treated to an intensely hydrating tanning experience where your skin will be treated while it tans.

Choosing the right moisturizer can get a little complicated, but with these quick tips, you should be able to find the perfect product to maintain youthful, supple skin for years. While reading labels and being a bit discerning may seem like a waste of time, you will certainly appreciate the long term result of healthy, glowing skin that will win you compliments day in and day out.

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