July 21, 2019

Choosing right spray tan solution for your client

Understanding what the right professional spray tan solution is for your client is important to running your salon successful and ensuring customers leave satisfied and continue coming back to you for their tanning needs.

As the beauty and tanning industry continues to advance, consumers and customers are getting more sophisticated in understanding how their needs may and should be met by certain products. This is why being well-educated in the solutions you offer is so important to making sure you give your customers the best tanning experience possible to meet what their demands may be, which we’ll discuss more below.

MineTan Pro Spray Mists

Tan depth

It’s great to get an understanding of the depth a client wants to go as everyone usually has an idea in mind and you need to be able to manage these expectations. If they’re after an ultra dark tan, which many customers will be, it’s great to keep an ultra dark solution in stock. It’s also great to keep a range of solutions varying in depth, from light to ultra dark and then discussing with customers what will suit them best due to their skin tones and types, what they’re being tanned for (an every day tan or for a specific event with a specific dress code) and how dark they would actually like to be.

Stocking solutions with formulas that target these requirements, such as MineTan, may save you the headache. These solutions include MineTan’s Express Tan Formula which creates a lighter, more natural tan in one hour of development time; a medium tan in two hours and a darker tan in three hours or more with about eight hours being the highest potential color. You can then simply educate your customers on when it will be best to rinse their tan to achieve the color depth they’re looking for.

Color bases

Sometimes clients will come to you concerned that a spray tan won’t match their skin tone (we all remember and are scarred by the freakishly orange spray tans of the past) so understanding color bases is so important. For example, MineTan’s Dark Ash formula counteracts reddish and pink undertones to create a dark tan without any orange or yellow tones popping up. For more on color base tanning, check out this blog.


Skin concerns

Many clients have skin types that may affect how well they tan so it’s always a great idea to understand this before you start spraying. If clients have dry skin or are concerned about the longevity of their tan, try a hydrating formula such as MineTan’s Coconut Water Pro Spray Mist or Luxe Oil (a more hydrating tan is generally more long-lasting as hydrated skin holds tan better). If they’re worried about sweating their tan off, try a sweat-proof formula, such as Workout Ready, on them!

What are they tanning for

Some solutions are better suited to some needs than others, such as Workout Ready being suited for someone who is going to be working out or sweating a lot for the duration of their tan wear while hydrating solutions are great for ensuring it is long-lasting if they need the tan to last for as long as possible. If they are tanning for an event, you can tailor the color base to what they’re wearing such as Perfect Bride which is made with the bride in mind or Violet which is great for a rich, warm tan that photographs really well.


Ensure you get to know the details before you switch on that spray tan gun. When a customer makes an appointment with you, ask them these details or have them fill out a consultation card. The more you understand the needs of your clients, the more likely they are to keep coming back to you!



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