September 30, 2016

Welcome To Ultra Dark Tanning

For some people, when they step foot into a spray tanning booth or purchase a bottle of self-tanner, they’re looking for just a light touch of a product that’s close in color to their natural skin color. For others, however, the point of getting a spray tan isn’t to look just slightly darker, but rather to look totally bronzed. Welcome to the world of ultra dark tanning.

We’re pleased to announce the arrival of Minetan Elusive Self Tanning Foam and Professional Solution to our Ultra Dark self tanning range. Unlike other products, these products can help you to achieve the ultra dark tan of your dreams. Before you jump in head first to the ultra dark tanning craze, here are some things you should know.

This Stuff Is Potent

We won’t lie and say that this stuff isn’t potent. You know how when you’re using a super light or gradual tanning product and you kind of ignore all the advice in the magazines to exfoliate and moisturize but your tan turns out fine anyways? Yeah, don’t do that when you’re using a product designed to give you an ultra dark tan. This stuff requires properly prepped skin. While Ultra Dark tans still work off of your natural skin tone to achieve a natural looking dark, these products will take your skin darker than you have ever gone before, and properly prepped skin is essential so that your tan will stay dark and even across all of your skin. 

You’ll Look Ten Pounds Thinner

The best part of a very dark tan is its slimming effect. That’s why dark tans are so popular with bodybuilders and bikini models. If you need to look skinny fast but the idea of giving up sugar during pumpkin spice latte season makes you shudder in terror, then a very dark tan might be just what the doctor ordered. 

Try Something New

Going this dark might seem intimidating at first, but even for those with fair skin our ultra dark tans work with your natural skin tone to give you a tan that looks natural. You never have to worry about looking “orange” or “fake” tanned, as MineTan’s all natural products will suit every skin type perfectly. If you’re naturally a bronzed goddess to begin with, this product might be just what you’re looking for to take you to a whole new level of dark & airbrushed.

A very dark tan is undeniably a huge confidence booster. If you’re ready to add something intense to your look, give it a try.



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