June 7, 2019

Beauty tricks to hide a bad night’s sleep

Everyone knows that healthy glow you have when your sleep pattern is going strong, but what about when you slip up and have a horrible night’s sleep? Losing precious sleep time can really affect the appearance of skin and complexion, make your eyes dull and puffy and your hair a mess from the tossing and turning. We’re giving you some key tips on how to add that healthy 8-hour-sleep glow on the days you need to fake it.

Target those puffy eyes!

Your eyes are always a dead giveaway you’ve been lacking in the zzz’s department, so it’s crucial to target them. If they’re puffy, it’s a great idea to use something cooling over the area to reduce this inflammation. You can get cooling creams and gels with brightening components specifically designed for the eye area which is a great investment, but if you don’t have those handy, think a cold press, the old teaspoon trick or even cold, used tea bags (the tea bags also have herbal ingredients which will often add other benefits to the eye area, such as calming chamomile).

And of course, when it comes to makeup, chuck on some concealer! Make sure you target the inner eye area as this is where the darkness really sits after a long, sleepless night. Applying with the warmth of your fingertips will help the concealer to blend in and melt beautifully into your skin to make the color look natural and brightening right where you need it most.

MineTan Face Tanning Range

Hydrate & add radiance to your skin!

To reduce the dullness in your tired skin, it’s crucial to really add some moisture and hydration. Really go to town on your skincare routine before diving for your makeup bag – it will give a much better base and brighten your skin to reduce the tired appearance. Use serums, moisture-rich lotions and, if you have time, a hydrating face mask can work absolute wonders.

Add some extra hydration and radiance with a facial gradual tanner. MineTan, for example, has Luxe Oil Illuminating Tan Drops that you can put in your moisturiser or serum or the Illuminating Facial Tan Mist for a spritz of color. Each of these will gradually develop underneath your makeup and that touch of color will even out your skin tone giving a much bright appearance and healthy glow that you’d usually get from sleep. While the benefits of rose water or the 7 beauty oils will also help in the hydration department.

Fix those tangles!

Often we get out of bed and our hair looks exactly how we feel – a tired mess. Get in there with some leave-in conditioner or even a coconut oil mist to add a healthy shine and help detangle the mess you caused during the night. This is the key to looking that bit more put together!


Makeup time!

Now you can do your makeup. While it may be tempting to absolutely cover your face in an effort to reduce your tired appearance, this often works in the opposite way as too much makeup can combine with your tired-ness and make you appear dreary and messy. Stick to a light foundation, as long as you’ve got concealer and the face tan underneath, this light coverage will do just fine without overdoing it. Avoid heavy eye makeup and instead opt for more brightening steps such as a really light, shimmery eyeshadow or applying white eyeliner on your waterline. Using a bright lipstick, stain or gloss may also brighten your appearance even more and draw the attention away from the designer eye bags you’re carrying around. Using a light blush and highlighters can also brighten up your appearance and give you that extra sparkle you need to get through the day.

Next time, get a better night sleep!



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