October 29, 2018

Beauty Essentials to Help You Look Refreshed After a Long-Haul Flight

Traveling can be exhausting. You’re excited to reach your destination and get all those hot Insta pics, but it’s also a long time away from some of your favorite skincare products and regular routine and flights and new climates are notorious for challenging even the healthiest of skin types. Here’s an essential guide on the must-have beauty products you should either pack or use before your long flight ahead, from face masks to face tanners. You’ll look refreshed and renewed as soon as you hit your destination!

Stay Hydrated

This may be common sense but you need to stay hydrated during your flight even for your skin. Don’t forget to drink before, during, and after your flight. Drinking regularly keeps your skin hydrated and looking fresh, but it also flushes out toxins and helps reduce the effects of jet lag.

Beauty experts suggest drinking a litre every four hours you’re in the air for optimal effect. It can be annoying to be one of those passengers who disrupts everyone, but troubled skin waits for no one!

Mask time!

Your skin loses nutrients when you’re sitting inside a dry air cabin for hours on end and while using a moisturizer is obviously a great way to keep your face supple and hydrated during a long flight, but face masks do a more effective job in a quicker timeframe! Let’s face it, you’re sitting still for a long time – this is the perfect opportunity for the face mask you never find the time to do!

It might look a little ridiculous, but your skin will be happy that you did and you’ll end up with the freshest face out of everyone else on the flight. Remember to massage any excess from the face mask into your skin after you remove it to get all the benefits you can.

To get that extra fresh look, why not also pack some eye & lip masks as well? Don’t let any part of that hot bod and face dry out.

MineTan's Face Tan range: Luxe Oil Illuminating Tan Drops, Nano Mist Tan Compact and Rose Illuminating Facial Mist.

Fake it till you make it

You may not step off the plane actually feeling 110% hydrated and refreshed, but no one else has to know that…

Touching up with light makeup such as lip tints, highlighters and concealers is a great way to have a no-makeup makeup look when you’re ready to step off.

Better yet, get it done with the one product with MineTan’s range of face tanners that are each moisturizing and tanning at the same time for the ultimate refreshed face! Many flight attendants use a Rosewater face mist to hydrate their face through the flight, and MineTan has a Rose Illuminating Facial Mist that will hydrate and gradually tan where you mist.

Or use the ultimate jet-setter device, the Nano Mist Tan Compact that produces a atomized mist that both hydrates and tans your face using a chic device smaller than an iPhone.

Happy travels! Make sure you tag @minetanbodyskin in your travel pics!

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