April 6, 2019

Beauty essentials for your gym bag

Well, you’re not going to forget your gym gear and deodorant, but what else is essential to take to the gym to take you from your workout exhaustion to fresh and lively? We’re listing our top beauty picks for our gym bag below.

Workout Ready Gradual Tan

When you’ve put the effort into self tanning, the worst thing is losing it prematurely to your workout. We’re packing our Workout Ready Gradual Tan and Illuminating Body Oil to top up our color while giving our skin a healthy dose of hydration. The best thing is that these products are uniquely formulated to allow sweat to pass through the tan instead of taking it off, so it will actually last through your regular sweat-seshes.


Face Tanner

Sometimes we don’t feel like smothering on multiple serums and lotions after a workout, so our Rose Water Illuminating Facial Tan Mist is perfect for a super hydrating spritz that will also add a touch of color that we probably lost in the workout.


Gym Proof Makeup

As the athleisure trend moves from fashion into the beauty industry, like MineTan’s Workout Ready, more and more brands are jumping on the bandwagon and creating products that suit the regular gym-goers. We’re packing our sweat-proof makeup for before we get started and for a top up when we’re finished in case we’re off somewhere important afterwards (or in case that cute guy is at the gym again…).

MineTan Workout Ready

Dry shampoo/hair serum

Whether your hair needs moisture after a workout or maybe you need to lessen the moisture after a workout, you need those handy hair products to lessen the sweaty look by the time you walk out those gym doors!

Skin tint/BB cream

For when we don’t want to put on a face of makeup but want a touch more color instantly, we’ve got our moisture-rich BB creams ready to go! Sometimes we combine our Luxe Oil Illuminating Tan Drops with our moisturiser afterwards to add a slight tint that gradually develops while our moisturiser or serum does its job.

MineTan Luxe Oil Illuminating Tan Drops


For healthy skin, wiping away sweat and freshening up as quick as possible is so important. Using a face and body cleanser to remove sweat and the dirt and oils you’ve picked up from the gym will keep your skin fresh and glowing.



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