March 13, 2018

b.tan’s going coco-nuts!

Dry skin? Coconut. Need a massage? Coconut. Boyfriend or girlfriend acting up? Coconut. All of the above? Coconut oil + water gradual tan. Coconut cures almost everything. So b.tan added self tan to it so it does actually cure everything now… 😉

When coconut and a babein’ tan solve all of lifes woes, you chuck them in together and never look back. made from real coconut oil and water and real (fake) tan that actually tans you, this piña colada in a bottle is works as a daily moisturiser that adds a touch of color as it is super hydrating, super soft and super duper perfect for building and maintaining that golden tan your skin’s been dying for. So, transport yourself to a tropical island getaway everyday with the help of this soft, silky coconutty goodness that love you and tan you ’til death do you part.

it's love. nuts about coconuts to make me glow...

How to use

Best used daily, this magical coconut potion can be used to build up a natural gradual tan or to maintain/top up the glow you already have. Making sure your skin is clean, exfoliated and dry, apply the luscious mousse all over your bod with b.tan’s tan mitt and then wash your hands as soon as you’re finished rubbing it all over.

Then you’re good to go just like that – no need to rinse!

Now just try and tell us you’re not the most hydrated, glowy goddess on the planet. 😉




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