October 19, 2018

A Beauty Prep Routine for any Big Event

We all know the feeling when we have a big event coming up -whether it be a wedding or an award ceremony – we’re always thinking of how we’re going to look our best beautiful selves! Think face, skin, tan, hair etc… there’s a lot to think about. But it doesn’t have to be hard, you’ve already got your natural beauty, we’re sharing some tips on adding that extra wow-factor to your look for the big day.


Obviously we all have our regular skincare routines to give our faces a daily glow and keep ourselves nice and healthy. Keeping this consistency is absolute key to ensuring your skin is ready for any event, big or small, so that you’re not doing a whole lot of work just before the day trying to undo months of neglect (we’re all guilty of that sometimes…). But in the lead up to the event, you should always add a few extra things here and there!

Getting a professional facial done in the lead-up is always a great idea for a lasting facial glow or doing a few face masks at home during the week of the event can fix and treat the certain areas you need to be event-ready: hydration, signs of ageing etc. It’s also a great idea to do a face mask the day of the event because your face won’t even have a chance to lose any of the goodness you’ve spent half an hour marinating in!

For an extra glow and a gradual tan, MineTan has a range of options for tanning your face and giving it that extra glow with added hydration. Giving your face a spritz of the Rose Illuminating Facial Tan Mist or using the Luxe Oil Illuminating Tan Drops will keep your face hydrated and illuminated with that known MineTan glow. Better yet, the new Nano Mist Tan Compact is the latest innovation for face tanning and perfect to take along to your events to top up your face with an extra glow on-the-go!



Of course, the skin on your face is not the only important part; you need to treat that skin on your bod too! Similar to keeping your facial skincare routine consistent at all times in order to prove effective, you need to do this with your body by regularly exfoliating and moisturizing. Using an everyday moisturiser that doubles as a gradual tan is a great idea if you’re always looking for that extra glow along with your body care and MineTan has a huge range, from Coconut Water to the Luxe Oil for a super hydrating finish.


And of course, what is the skin on your body without a tan? For any event, having a gorgeous glow is a must! Whether it be a natural skin finish or a super dark tan, MineTan boasts a huge range of tanners that will give you the exact skin finish you’re looking for to be event-ready. Using one of the Luxe Oil Tanning Treatments will give your skin a dewy, decadent glow from the benefits of 7 oils with MineTan’s famous tan formula. Or if you’re looking to customize your skin finish, try out the Color Base Range or mix and create your own skin finish with Color Create! If you’re unsure of what product to go for, using MineTan’s Tan Selector will help you choose the perfect option custom to you and your needs.

Furthermore, using MineTan’s range will ensure your skin is treated to skin-loving ingredients from the likes of Coconut Water and Argan Oil. You can also decide how dark your tan is by choosing when to shower and rinse off the tan; one hour for a natural skin finish or longer for deeper, darker color. All perfect for getting ready for any event, big or small!

Better yet, why not treat yourself to a spray-tan from a professional? It’s a big event, after-all!


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If you’re likely to style your hair with the use of a curling-iron, straightener or blow-dryer, you want to ensure this doesn’t leave your hair damaged. Ensuring your hair is as healthy as possible beforehand (remember the old consistency thing?!) your hair will be able to handle the styling and still look silky smooth and glamourous. Using shampoos and conditioners that are hydrating and nourishing and following up with products made to protect your hair from damage commonly caused from styling equipment will keep your hair event-ready.



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