April 26, 2018

6 tips to improve your salon website

Perfecting the website for your salon is vital for attracting more customers while also making it easier for existing customers to stick with you due to convenience! So here’s some tips for making sure your website is working for your business.

1. Capture your business

When creating / updating your Salon website you want to make sure that it captures who you are and who your salon is. Think about capturing the unique environment and personality of your salon and what your customers will expect to see and feel when visiting your salon. For example, ff your salon is a family salon that is kid friendly make sure to mention that your salon services clients of all ages.
Think about including pictures of your salon and staff, making sure to include pictures with customers (with their permission only), this will show new and potential customers the interaction your staff has with customers and what your salon environment.

2. Keep it updated

Make sure that your website has all your salon services listed and all prices up-to-date. When all services and prices are kept current customers are more likely to return and refer others to your site and salon because they have not been disappointed in false information as well as you won’t have to deal with any awkward situations involving misquoted prices or offers. This is just basic good practice!

3. Think convenience!

Make it easy for your customers to book appointments online and make product purchases online as well , such as gift cards, shampoo , hair spray , brushes ect. This can help to bring your marketing sales up and will keep your customers coming back to you and you only for all their beauty needs.

When offering customers the option to purchase things online they are more likely to add more things to their cart as they browse through your inventory.

4. Subscriptions

Offer an area for your customers to subscribe for updates on your salon and deals you maybe offering in the future . These are great ways to keep customers coming back and new customers coming in.

5. Optimization

Most people use their mobiles or tablets for everything rather than their old desktops, so making sure your website is optimized for these devices is key to keeping current and potential customers happy.

6. Be social

Make sure to connect your social media accounts to your website to keep your customers up to date. Interacting with your customers with social media will keep them informed and up to date on what you are doing with your salon and upcoming events. Offer promotions , deals coupons, contest, like comments and shares.

Don’t overthink or second guess yourself when it comes to keeping your customers and the community engaged in your salon.

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