December 8, 2015

12 Days to Salon Success on Facebook This Christmas

Did you know that there is approximately 2.7 billion people are active on Facebook? That’s a ton of people! From a marketing standpoint, keeping your business’s Facebook page relevant is a no brainer. And since so many people check Facebook daily, frequent activity on your part will almost guarantee you extra clients during the busy Christmas season. But this time is busy for you too! Try these twelve manageable tasks in twelve days to market your fantastic salon on Facebook this Christmas season.

On the 1st day…
Create a marketing plan tailored specifically for Facebook. Whether you want to increase the frequency of posts, generate client/business interaction through likes and comments, or collect new potential client info, spending a little time to write down a strategy will give focus to your social media campaign.
On the 2nd day…
Add Christmas spirit to your page. Dressing up your page could include changing your banner, changing your profile pic, or decorate your thumbnail apps.On the 3rd day…
Start building time in your day to post regularly. You want to regularly show up in your fans’ news feeds so consistent posting is key to nabbing last minute business. Facebook’s forward schedule function is helpful for this task.

On the 4th day…
Post something fun and engaging. Quizzes, quirky quotes, or hair related questions are all great ways to engage with your clients. Making your posts interesting will keep your business at the forefront of people’s minds.

On the 5th day…
Start regularly posting cancellations. Setting up an automatic system will ensure that you don’t forget to do this – and that client desperate to get her hair done for that holiday party will thank you for the last minute opening.

On the 6th day…
Post before and after client photos. Make sure to post a variety of looks and keep tab on the most recent trends. Don’t forget to ask the client’s permission before you post.

On the 7th day…
Advertise your gift cards and salon products.

On the 8th day…
Run a promotion or a salon competition with a holiday twist. This idea is great for keeping your staff involved as well.

On the 9th day…
Use hashtags wisely. Love them or hate them, hashtags are here to stay. Use them wisely, post too many and people don’t pay attention. Post too few and you are missing out on an opportunity to promote your business.

On the 10th day…
Reply, respond, reply, respond. Keep up with queries and responses on your page. The faster you respond to clients and potential clients, the better.

On the 11th day…
Be likable. Keeping your posts lighthearted and even giving them a touch of humor goes a long way towards giving your business a positive and professional reputation.

On the 12th day…
Schedule a heartfelt holiday greeting to go out to all of your Facebook family. Trying to keep your message personal rather than promotional will generate goodwill for the year to come.



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