Why your Man should Tan with MineTan

There are several great ways that a tan can benefit your man, giving him that healthy glow that you have been rocking for years! Once your man tries one of the self tanning products from MineTan, he will never look or feel the same again! Here are just some of the awesome benefits that your man can enjoy from getting a tan with MineTan:

Healthy Appearance
When your man has a faux tan from MineTan, he will have a much more naturally bronzed appearance. Tanned skin will help to improve his overall complexion and bring out his best features. In addition, a tan will help to define and contour your man’s muscles, which will make him look and feel fitter. Bonus!

Renewed Confidence
Even if you already have a confident man, a MineTan glow will take his confidence to all new heights. With his new healthy and revitalised appearance, your man will feel more confident about himself. As a result, he will be much happier and your relationship will benefit from this level of renewed confidence.

No Danger
One of the best things about MineTan‘s self tanning products is that they do not expose your man’s skin to the actual sun. As a result, he will not suffer any damage to the skin as he would by lying on the beach in the sun, or even in tanning beds. Therefore, he can successfully avoid the risk factors of skin cancer and other sun related dangers.

Products are Easily Available
MineTan‘s line of products are easily available for your man to begin his self tanning applications. Rather than the hassle of applying greasy sun tan lotion and heading to the beach or tanning bed, your man simply needs to purchase one of MineTan’s convenient products and apply the product in the comfort of his own home. The 1 Hour Express Tans are perfect for quick and easy application with glowing results.

Simple to Apply
When your man is new to MineTan‘s self tanning products, he may be unsure on how to start the process. However, the instructions for each product are extremely simple and straightforward. The 1 Hour Express Tans and the 3 in 1 Gradual Tan are the perfect starters to see how the MineTan solutions work best for your skin tone. After selecting the right tan for your man, he just needs to exfoliate his skin, moisturise and apply the product 24 hours after this for a flawless, natural finish.