What Your Style Says About You

Your style says a whole lot about you – and we’re not just talking about your flawless MineTan. Your fashion sense actually reveals quite a bit about your personality. Just take a look at these personality traits and don’t be surprised to see that your sense of fashion falls under the corresponding category!


It is always easy to tell which individuals are creative simply upon their style of dress! There are basically two types of extremes when it comes to the fashion options of creative people. When wearing an outfit with wild prints, unique designs and innovate features, it is a sure giveaway of a creative personality. On the other hand, many creative individuals actually wear outfits that consist of all black colors to hide their creative spirit!

Laid Back

A laid back woman can be identified by the fabrics that she has chosen for her outfit. Normally, women with a laidback personality can be found wearing a pair of sneakers, as well as cotton clothing. After all, even those without a laid back personality find themselves reaching for the tennis shoes and cotton shorts when they feel like relaxing for the day!


The assertive woman of power is easy to spot in virtually any city throughout the world. If you see a woman in sharp shoulders and sleek skirts who is walking as if she is on a mission, it is best to stay out of her way! This assertive woman also prefers to wear stiletto heals and can normally be seen most mornings with a cup of coffee as she walks steadily to her power job.


A woman with a practical personality is practical in every part of her life, which of course includes her fashion choices! The only things that the practical woman needs to succesfully get through her day is a good quality t-shirt, a solid pair of jeans and a comfortable pair of flats.


Watch out for the girls wearing those outfits that are over-the-top, because she is sure to have a sassy personality to match! Women with a sassy personality tend to be drawn towards original lines of clothing that make a bold statement as they strut down the street.


Finally, the romantic type chooses soft clothing that reflects their heart-felt personality. Women seen wearing beads, glitter, silks and other similar touches are sure to be a true romantic!