What Are the Common Tanning Mistakes?

Getting the perfect tan can be a labour intensive, though necessary, process for those who want to look beautifully bronzed and feeling good all year long. While sunbathing may be an enjoyable and relaxing way to tan for some, self-tanning is a more efficient process that keeps your skin safer, hydrated and maintained.

If you’re planning on getting your tan on with MineTan, use the following tips to help you avoid some common tanning mistakes and sidestep some tanning tricky areas:

Hard to Reach Areas

One of the more common self tanning problem areas is the hard task of getting an even tan in hard-to-reach areas, such as behind your knees, elbows and heels. Tanning enthusiasts can often forget to properly prepare these areas prior to applying the tanning solution, causing an uneven tan and small, white abrasion areas that can stick out quite prominently.

You can avoid this issue by properly preparing your entire body for tanning. Exfoliate any rougher areas to remove excess skin cells and ensure the surface for tanning is smooth, including your heels, feet and elbows. Removing dry skin will also ensure you get an even tan every time without unevenness, build up or premature fading.

Hair Removal

We all know our own routine: us ladies have to remove hair on a regular basis from multiple parts of our bodies. Women who don’t to remove hair prior to tanning will notice an uneven colouration on their bodies around each individual hair follicle, which can give a spotted effect when it comes to viewing the finishing tanned surface. This can be quite common on the legs, particularly the outer calves.

To avoid discolouration, or the spotted effect, remove excess hair 24 hours before tanning with MineTan. If you plan on getting a wax, make sure to finish the procedure 24 to 48 hours prior to applying your MineTan solution, as the the wax will open up pores that could also lead to discolouration issues.

Choosing the Right Colour Tone

No two tanning colour tones are the same. Tanning enthusiasts often purchase one shade of tanning solution, thinking that it’s the best shade for them all year round, without trying other shade to suit their skin tone throughout the different seasons in the year. This can be a large blunder which can lead to mismatched skin and tan tones, commonly having a tan that appears too dark.

Our MineTan shades are suited for all skin types, and are tailored specifically for your end results. Our solutions allow the tanner to take control of how rich they want their tan finish to be, which can be tailored to each person’s skin tone according to the number of consecutive applications. This is a major plus with our MineTan 1 Hour Express Tans, as these formulas are inspired from the gorgeous European, Onyx and Brazilian tans of the world – and you choose how dark and deep you want your glow to be.

Allow the Tanning Solution to Dry

Our last tanning issue that is committed by avid and keen tanners is not allowing the tanning solution is completely dry. The key here is to designating plenty of time for your tan to develop before going about your day, or having your skin come into contact with clothing and bed sheets. Due to our 1 Hour Express Tan solutions, there is no longer a need to sleep in your tan, meaning the results are delivered much quicker than other solutions. Though within this 1 hour waiting period, avoiding contact with materials is vital. Otherwise, your tan may result in discolouration, unevenness, and may cause stained clothing and bedding. MineTan products specifically have these instructional information and developing time indicated on each product label – be sure to stick to these time allocations and steps in order to get the best tan you possible can.

Images via @aceofspades_makeup and @fitgurl89 on Instagram