Tightlining: New Eyeliner Technique

Who’s heard of a new popular eyeliner technique known as tightlining? It’s is a way of using eyeliner to enhance the eyes without a heavy line. It is a great way to achieve a natural look while still accentuating and brightening the eyes. Tightlining can make sparse lashes look thicker and pale lashes more visible. It is also good for small or deep-set eyes which can be diminished by dark eyeliner.

Tightlining is done by using a waterproof eyeliner to fill in the space between the lashes in the natural lash line. For a basic tightlining technique, start by lifting the outer corner of your eye. Run the liner pencil under your lashes a few times, stopping before you reach the inner corner to avoid a beady look. Next, pull the top lid taut at the outer corner. Starting with the outer corner, use the tip of the pencil to colour between your lashes by wiggling it back and forth. Don’t be afraid to push firmly into your lid. If you make any mistakes, use a cotton swab dipped in makeup remover to gently clean up the smear.

It takes a steady hand and a bit of practice but once you have mastered the technique of dotting between the lashes, you will find that it actually frees up time because a natural look or a base for something more dramatic is achieved in less time and with less product!

One way to use tightlining is to focus on the lower lashes. Leave the rest of the eye bare or use a more dramatic lining technique for the top lashes. This is a good way for people with small eyes to experiment with dramatic eye make-up without their peepers getting swallowed up by a bold application of colour.

Tightlining can be used on top and bottom to add depth and extra definition. This is an especially good idea for a night out where a dramatic look is called for without looking as if you’re trying too hard. Tightlining is also good for a natural daytime look because it enhances the darkness between the lashes to make the eyes pop without noticeable enhancement. Try it with curled lashes or a bold lip for a clean look that won’t fade into the wallpaper. Or, get up early Sunday morning and tightline to get sexy, bedroom eyes for your partner when he wakes up. A little eyeliner carefully tightlined can give you an ethereal look for any and all occasions with just a bit of patience and practice.