The Vitamins in MineTan Solutions

We’re all familiar with the ways in which spray tan products typically function, and the harsh chemicals that are sometimes used to achieve a tanned look. Minetan Solutions offers something different—rendering a natural sun-kissed glow without the excessive sun-exposure, and with plenty of substances your skin needs to stay healthy and conditioned.

How Minetan and DHA Work Together

Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) is a saccharide derived from sugarcane and other natural source. It interacts with amino acids in the keratin of skin cells to produce an artificial tan. While most spray tan products and salon procedures use this basic reaction to create their effects, many at-home kits will also use artificial or less desirable substances to attempt to keep the pH balance of the skin slightly acidic and maintain the right moisture content of the epidermis. That’s because when DHA reacts with the proteins in your skin, there can be a resultant odour. As well, spray tans will fade or become patchy if just the right balance of moisture isn’t maintained.

Spray tans work by tinting the layers of the epidermis. Since this is the outermost layer of your skin, exfoliation also causes the tan to fade, as a part of your body’s natural regeneration processes. What Minetan does successfully is to source and utilise substances from natural, healthy sources to delay the fading process, condition skin, and pleasantly tint the epidermis for a glorious tanned look that you can enjoy safely.

What Types of Substances Does Minetan Use?

Healthy skin is more responsive to pigmentation products. Vitamin E (tocopherols) keeps skin elastic and soft. Some foods that are especially rich in vitamin E are avocado, kelp, nuts, and other botanical products. Essential oils from rosemary and witch hazel provide a soothing effect while also combating any possible residual odour from the DHA-keratin interaction. Vitamin C is incredibly important to skin health, since it acts to maintain cell integrity and is also responsible for helping to create new cells throughout your body.

You may notice that many of the “refresher” facial creams contain vitamin C. Its powers of plumping, while being slightly acidic are why. The resulting pH helps to prolong an even, natural tanning effect. The acids and oils in black walnuts, mulberries, and caramel also act to gently tint the epidermis for a safe and long-lasting sunless tanning experience.

While it’s known as “fake” tanning, Minetan is the most natural tan you’ll find next to spending hours poolside. It’s also far better for your skin. Even if you weren’t seeking a fake tan, the rich botanicals and beneficial oils, vitamins, and natural acids in Minetan are fantastic for the health of your skin. It is your largest organ; care for it so it can care for you.