The Order Applying Your Makeup

To those who are new to the world of makeup, all of these products, brushes and sometimes even gadgets can seem downright overwhelming. When most makeup newbies come home from the store after having purchased their first makeup haul, their first question is typically, “where the heck do I start?”

There are plenty of guides out there that suggest some older methods of applying makeup. However, with the rise of pro techniques amongst novice makeup artists, the consensus on the order in which we should apply makeup has changed. To help you get started, here is the real order in which you should be applying your makeup.

Primer or Moisturiser

Women with dry skin should apply a layer of moisturiser, to add hydration before they apply the rest of their products. Women with oily skin should apply a primer, which will create a matte finish and keep products from sliding.


If you have some knowledge of makeup, your brow might be furrowing right now, but hear us out. Many makeup guides erroneously advise women to apply their foundation and concealer before their eye product. However, professional makeup artists know that the eyes always come first. Why? Because eye makeup application oftentimes entails a lot of “fallout,” as in bits of shadow or product falling onto the cheeks and nose. It’s easier to wipe this fallout off before you’ve applied your foundation than it is to try to rub it off without ruining your newly applied foundation in the process.

Foundation, Then Concealer

Again, the classic school of thought is that concealer goes on before foundation. However, think about what concealer is meant to do. It’s meant to cover imperfections, not to create a base on which foundation sits. Your foundation should be the foundation of your look; concealer should conceal any imperfections that the foundation failed to cover. If you don’t see any flaws after your foundation, then don’t bother with any concealer. Less is more.

Blush Then Powder (Or Vice-Versa)

It’s acceptable to apply your blush (or bronzer) before or after you dust your face with translucent powder. When you apply it before your powder, you’ll get a demure, muted look. Apply it after and your look will be more intense.

The final step in your process can be your lips, although truthfully, it doesn’t quite matter when you choose to do your lips. If you follow this order, you’re sure to have a flawless finished look.