The Best Tan For… Redheads

Like choosing your cosmetics for the perfect skin finish, choosing your tanning solution is important to tailor the colour base to your colouring and skin tone. The best tan for a redhead is dramatically different than a tan you would use as a brunette or blonde. Redheads must be careful with their self tans because of their complexion. Someone who has dark or blonde hair to work with can have skin that is a warm, nutty brown. A tanner who has freckles and light skin to accompany her red hair can use this article to make the process of choosing the right MineTan product much easier.

#1: The Tanning Shade/Depth

Every redheaded beauty who tans must choose a shade that is going to do justice to her freckles and skin tone. Matching your colour base can be selected by matching your original skin tones to give you the most natural looking tan without the ‘orange’ look. Though, redheads have to take extra care when choosing their tan’s colour base in order to keep their beautiful red-orange hair as the star of the show (and avoid the dreaded orange complexion)!

Nearly all ladies with red hair have very light skin. Their skin is much better served by a very soft shade of the tanning mixture, and the tanning artist should do a small patch on the tanner’s hand to find the right shade. The Dark Ash base range of MineTan Professional Spray Tan Solutions and MineTan 1 Hour Express Tans work best for redheads with very pale, reddy or ivory skin tones. The Dark Ash base is the ideal colour choice for this type of skin as the undertones of ivory skin and the Dark Ash solution are complementary on the MineTan Skin Tone Colour Wheel. Therefore, they will work together very well in producing a flawless finish. Also, the Dark Ash base is a cool dark brown tone which has no red or gold tones, further helping the solution to counteract any red tones in both the hair and skin of the tanner for a natural finish.

For those in the market for their MineTan Spray Tan Solution fix, the colours and combinations that also counteract the red and ivory undertones of redheads include the Black Junior, Violet & Black Junior, Dark Ash & Black Junior, Moroccan and Winter Coat solutions.

#2: The Coverage

Ladies who get professional tans, or are self tanners from home, often get heavy coverage because they have the skin tone and hair to balance their tan. Redheads must ask their tanning technician to provide as little coverage as possible during her tanning session. A heavy spray tan is going to cover her freckles, though could cause her to look over-tanned due to the lightness of her skin tone, and therefore highlight the vast disparity between her hair and skin.

#3: The Season

Dark haired beauties can get a spray tan as soon as the temperatures warm up, but redheads may need to wait a little longer until it is much warmer outside. The sunlight in the atmosphere helps a redhead’s tresses to glisten, and that sunlight will shine and help to illuminate her tan. Redheaded ladies who get their tans too early will look too obvious due to the lack of sunlight around them.

Every redhead that wants to achieve a great faux-glow complexion must follow these steps to get the best out of their tan. A lady with red hair and freckles must do justice to her highly sought-after hair colour, her freckles and her naturally light skin.