The Best of Mine Tan’s Specialty Spray Tans

You’re unique, so why should your tanner be a one-size-fits-all formula? When you need a different kind of tanning solution, Mine Tan’s specialty spray tans have you covered. Designed with cutting-edge technology and superior ingredients, the innovative range makes it easy to build a custom colour that fits any skin tone, personality and occasion. From the lightweight texture of the Winter Coat to the odour-less Man Tan treatment, Mine’s specialty collection is the ultimate go-to for flawless looks that stand out from the crowd.

1. Perfect Bride
Because anything less than pure perfection won’t do on the most special day of your life, Mine Tan’s paraben-free Perfect Bride offers a beautiful, silky smooth tan with a stain-free finish. Unlike most standard spray tans, Perfect Bride goes beyond layering colour over the skin’s surface, bringing its inner glow to the surface with a powerful blend of hydrating ingredients. From the top, the cosmetic colour guide ensures full coverage, while the pH-balancing formula neutralises odour, prevents dark patches and automatically corrects orange tones.

2. Man Tan
Made for the modern man who always wants to look his absolute best, Mine’s Man Tan solution delivers even, shimmer-free colour in just one hour. Whether you’re a rugged outdoor adventurer or a fashion-forward urban professional, Man Tan’s versatile base works for all skin types and styles. In addition to fast-acting pigment that adjusts to your skin’s undertones for natural-looking results, Man Tan is one of the only true odour-free tanning solutions on the market.

3. Winter Coat
Deep summer spray tans not only look out of place during the coldest season of the year, but they can also be too harsh on your already sensitive winter complexion. Packed with skin-loving ingredients that fight dryness and irritation 24 hours a day, Mine Tan’s Winter Coat provides around-the-clock protection against winter’s brutal winds, low temperatures and ice spells. Developing fully in about four hours, half the recommended waiting time for most spray tans, Winter coat creates a subtle sun-kissed glow that warms up pale winter skin in a way that looks and feels completely natural.