Which Tan to Use?

With all the facts available about damage from ultraviolet rays, it’s easy to feel guilty about sun exposure after a long day at the beach. But getting a sun-kissed glow doesn’t have to involve sweating it out on the sand. In fact, new technologies are making it easy to catch a bronze radiance on your lunch break or before heading out on the town. If the thought of sunless tanners makes you think of citrus-tinged skin or stained clothing, think again. Mine one-hour tanning products deliver rich, natural luminosity in just one hour. In addition, they are good for your skin. Mine tanning products contain aloe vera, caffeine to correct skin damage, and copper to help firm the skin. Because of the high quality of the products, your tan should last between five and ten days.

One-Hour Express Tans

Mine offers a one-hour express formula that is available as a foam, lotion or mist and can be applied at home. The depth of your tan is completely up to you. Simply smooth on the formula and shower when you’ve achieved the level of darkness you’re looking for. The shower will inactivate the formula, and you’ll step out looking like you stepped off the beach. Plus, you’ll smell fresh and clean; Mine products don’t have the typical self-tanner scent.

The Onyx and Black colours have a green base, which is suitable for any skin tone. Onyx gives you the deepest, darkest tan. It has a quadruple bronzer that gives you the look of a weeklong vacation in one hour or less. The Black foam and lotion include lavish dark bronzers that give you a sun-kissed glow that adjusts to your own complexion.

The Exotic European colours have a violet base that leaves you with olive skin reminiscent of a European holiday. The Be Brazilian colors have a dark ash base created from purifying Japanese charcoal and dark brown bronzers, giving the skin an ebony glow.

One-Hour Spray Tans

The Mine line of products can be found in professional spray tan salons as well. Spray tans develop in an hour, leaving you ready for that special event without spending a lot of time prepping. A variety of colors are available, giving you the glow you want without anyone knowing it’s not natural.