Strong Brow Game: Filling & Maintenance

Perfect EyeBrows

We have all heard the advice that less is more. The minimal makeup or natural look is becoming much more popular in editorial, beauty and runway. If you choose to go more natural, you want to make sure your brows are the picture of perfection. Eyebrows that are full and well defined will draw attention to your face, frame your eyes and accent your features.


Eyebrow maintenance is crucial if you want eyebrows that look bold and beautiful. There are three ways to maintain your eyebrows: threading, tweezing and waxing. Waxing can be great for prolonging the regrowth process; however, waxing can pull the skin and leave it inflamed. In this regard, threading can be a more effective form of maintenance. Tweezing is the common and most time efficient way of maintaining eyebrows daily. No matter your technique, a healthy eyebrow maintenance regimen will help you keep that fierce eyebrow look.

When plucking your eyebrows, you want to pluck in between and under them. Be careful to not pluck too much. Start by locating the beginning of your brow. Tweeze the hairs in between the beginning of each brow within the bridge of the nose. Next, locate the end points, mark them and remove the hairs on the outside of the marking. Finally, draw a line along the bottom of the brow to shape the arch. Pluck all the stray hairs underneath the line. Once you have all of the necessary plucking, check to make sure your arch is shaped by marking your brow at the inner point of the arch and pluck any extra stray hairs.

Filling In

With your newly shaped eyebrows, filling them in will be simple. To fill in your brows, you have a few options. You can use a brow finisher, eyebrow pencil, brow gel or a dip brow; many beauties even use a combination of a few. Each of these means help to fill in your brows and make them the stand out feature of your face. Whether you wear a lot of makeup or you want to follow the more natural look, your eyebrows are an important part of the picture. Your eyebrows frame your face, make your eyes stand out and enhance your facial features.

The perfect coupling with strong brows are contoured cheekbones to give your a radiant finish that highlights the natural structure of your face. MineTan Perfect Match Bronzers in both a matte and shimmer finish can work to enhance your skin tone and highlight your glow. It goes on smoothly and contours to your skin, leaving your face looking natural, smooth and clear; the perfect canvas for defined and manicured eyebrows.