Strobing: the New Contouring


Contouring has been a popular makeup application technique for many years now. It’s been helping women everywhere achieve defined and sexy facial features for quite some time. It may have a little bit of competition now, however. The exciting new threat to the contouring craze is called “strobing.” This makeup application style has been lighting up fashion runways all over the place. It’s also been spotted on some extremely famous faces, notably on models Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner.

If you’re tired of having a sculpted visage, strobing may be a refreshing change. Strobing can help make your face appear fresh, supple, resilient and glowing. If your want your complexion to look youthful and dewy, this makeup technique is definitely the one for you. Strobing essentially is a highlighting technique. Additional highlighting can do wonders for any look. It can make skin look radiant, luminous and young. If you want to look energised and young rather than tired and exhausted, strobing may just be able to change your entire life!It’s extremely important for people to be diligent regarding strobing techniques, however. Careless strobing techniques can make people appear oily and greasy rather than moist and fresh. If you want to avoid the pitfall of looking like a dirty mess with sweat all over your face, you have to make sure your strobing skills are first-rate. Several easy tips can keep you safe from the land of oiliness and greasiness.

If you want to get your face ready for strobing, apply a hydrating moisturiser beforehand. Then make sure to select a highlighter colour that’s totally appropriate for your natural complexion. Don’t make the mistake of going overly pale or overly dark, for example. Then focus on the areas of your face that capture light. Once you’ve done all of these things, you’re finally ready to blend. Proper blending is vital for true strobing success. Use a moist cosmetics sponge, a brush or even just your fingers to blend your makeup thoroughly. Doing so will keep you safe from the annoyance of noticeable highlighter lines and makeup smears. You want to do everything you can to make sure your highlighter becomes ‘one’ with the other parts of your face.
If your highlighting appears unnatural in any way, your strobing look won’t be flattering. Strobing is easy, however, when you pay attention to these simple and basic guidelines.