Spray Tanning: Choosing the Right Airbrush Kit

So you want to open your own airbrush tanning business? Besides polishing up your skills, you are going to need to invest in professional spray equipment and tanning accessories. While you should never underestimate the importance of getting expert training for airbrush techniques, the tools you use can make or break your chances of building a successful tanning service. If you are new to the industry, one of the easiest ways to get started is to buy an airbrush kit. Because they are loaded with everything you need to become a professional airbrush artist, airbrush kits are perfect for anyone who is starting a new spray tanning service from scratch.

Tips for Choosing an Airbrush Kit

  • Have a business plan. The type of airbrush equipment you need depends largely on your business model. If you want to run a mobile tanning service, you can get away with using a small spray gun and a portable pop-up tent. Setting up a traditional salon is a bit more complicated since your clients are going to expect access to a few different services. Most salons have multiple tanning booths and manual spray guns, but you can start with one or the other and bring in more equipment in the future.
  • Learn what features you need to look for. If you have been working on your application techniques, you probably already have a good idea of how spray guns work. To choose the right equipment for your business, you need to consider liquid capacity, spray mechanism and spray pattern. If you are planning to run a mobile service, you should also take weight and dimensions into account before making your final decision.

Other Tanning Essentials

If your airbrush kit only includes the major airbrush equipment, you will need to get a few extra tanning accessories before you can open for business. Remember that working with a spray gun is only one part of running a tanning service. To impress your clients and keep them coming back to you for more spray tans, you need to provide a luxurious experience from the start of each appointment to the finish. Some of the accessories you need to keep stocked at all times include protective gear, disposable underwear, tan enhancers and moisturisers.

The Value of Starter Packs

To save time and money, buy all your professional supplies in bulk. The Starter Packs from Mine Tan come with every product you need to start your airbrush service, from tanning equipment to top quality solutions and must-have salon accessories. Choose according to your business needs.