Spray Tan & DHA: How Does It Work?

The process of spray tanning is simple three the active ingredient DHA or dihydroxyacetone, is applied liberally to the skin. This process takes only a few seconds and will accept the epidermis by making it gain a darker physical appearance. Using a spray tan solution to get the best fake tan requires minimal knowledge of how the skin works. Use of a very low pressure machine to help with the application of DHA is the simplest way to get that tan appearance without having to take physicals risks of exposure to sunlight. The fact that this can be achieved within a matter of a few minutes without long-term physical issues is advantageous for individuals who want to look tan in the quickest and most efficient way possible.

DHA is a simple carbohydrate which affects the molecular structure of the skin affecting its physical appearance. When the proper amount is applied the skin takes on a tan appearance. DHA is found in many server sources and helps with the breakdown of protein in the skin. When this process is complete the modification of the physical appearance of the top layer of skin gives a darker appearance to the affected area. A person can use the substance without risk of exposure to UV light thereby creating less health risks in both the short and long-term. Getting the best fake tan means applying the product in a liberal fashion evenly over the designed area.

The strength of the DHA content will impact the affect of the tan. Users will most likely benefit from starting with a light formula and intensifying their usage according to the desired results. The natural colouring and at level of pigment in a person’s skin will also affect the overall impact on the skin of the person using the substance. If a person naturally has dark skin they will need to apply less than an individual who has a light amount of pigment. Speaking with an individual who has used the product before prior to first application can be helpful for individuals who are trying to get a certain look.