Selfie Like a Victoria’s Secret Model

If you want to look as flawless in your selfies as famous lingerie models do, never fear. A few handy tips can help you master the art of selfies a la stunning Victoria’s Secret models.

If you wish to look as pretty as a picture in all of your upcoming selfies, focus carefully on lighting. Lighting is key to looking good in all photographs, quick selfies included. One model from Poland recommends seeing to it that the light touches your visage from the appropriate angles. She suggests that people hold their cameras just a tad higher than their faces. She believes that that simple technique is optimal for looking attractive in selfies.

Another model suggests that people look toward the light. She believes that people who fail to do so can never look their best in selfies. She also believes that bad lighting always translates to bad selfie photography. She takes it even further by stating that she’s unable to snap a selfie of herself unless the available lighting conditions are absolutely ideal. This model is also a big filter enthusiast. She loves the Valencia warming filter.

There’s yet another model who appreciates her filters. This specific model prefers the Walden filter, however. She loves that this filter has the ability to give her selfies a significantly more vibrant and brilliant look.

Although lighting and filters can indeed do wonders for people who are looking to strengthen their selfie photography skills, these things are far from the only necessary ingredients. If you want to become a selfie aficionado, you first and foremost have to feel good about yourself. The answer to feeling good about yourself is possessing loads of self-confidence. If you have low self-esteem, no type of lighting or filter will be able to hide that. That means that no kind of lighting or filter will be able to help you take a nice and attractive picture of yourself, either. If you want everyone who sees your selfies to wonder what your beauty routine is, you have to have boatloads of confidence. You have to actually exude it.

When you look at a gorgeous lingerie model strutting her stuff seemingly without a care in the world, what she has is something that’s deeper than just a great physique, beautiful face and radiant tan that looks to be straight out of the Caribbean. She has pure confidence, and that’s the top ingredient behind any impressive selfie.