Moisturizing Glow: Liquid Bronze Dry Oil Tanning

The New Best Way to Hydrate Your Skin

Have you ever gone tanning and found that your skin got dry and flaky and your tan did not last as long as you hoped it to? There is a solution for that, and Minetan has it! Dry oil tanning products; the best tanning method to use for your skin.

Dry oils, or dry luxe oils, are a special type of body oil that hydrates the skin continuously without giving you that slick or wet feeling that most oils leave you with. Dry oils soak into the skin quickly and leave your skin feeling dry, hence the term “dry oil”. These oils give you a luxurious, moisturizing feel, and give you the ability to get up and go immediately without having to wait for the product to dry. Dry oils are the best product to use for your skin, not only for the amazing benefits to your skin, but also for the benefits for your tan.

This oil will help your tan last longer. Moisturizing and exfoliating are two of the most important steps to maintaining your tan. Having a good moisturizer is key to extending the life of your tan and what is even better about these dry luxe oil products are that they contain DHA as well. Not only do luxe oils keep your skin hydrated and healthy so that any tanning you do will last longer, but at the same time these products give you that heavenly glow you have always wanted.

Imagine simply retouching your tan with a dry oil infused product once a week instead of spending time and money at a salon, or in the bathroom waiting for hours for your solution to dry. Dry oils will simplify the way you tan.

Check out Minetan’s new Liquid Bronze tanning range (in foam and lotion form) and try it for yourself. You will be amazed at the difference it makes. Once you make the switch you will never want to use anything else!