Matching Your Foundation To Your Self Tan

If you take the time to get a self tan, the last thing you want to do is ruin your effort by wearing makeup that simply doesn’t match it properly. When you put foundation on your skin after getting a spray tan, your goal should be first and foremost to make things look as natural as possible. That requires matching the colours. You don’t want to make the mistake of combining milky white foundation with your bronze glow, after all.
If you want to successfully wear foundation after spray tanning, your best option is to invest in two different colours of your favourite foundation. Buy one that’s a match for your skin tone when you’re especially tan. Then buy another that’s a match for it when you’re especially light and pale. Try to select a pair of foundations from the exact same line and company if possible. If that isn’t possible, simply try to aim for foundations that have finishes and textures that are similar. Otherwise blending them will be difficult and may even look a bit unnatural in the end. If one of your foundations is matte, make sure the other is, too. Blending matte and dewy foundation formulas together, for example, usually doesn’t end up looking too great.

Attain a shade that’s ideal for your self tan by putting a drop of both formulas onto a surface that’s totally clean. Blend them thoroughly. Get the mix and put a small amount on your jawline. See if it looks natural right next to your self tan. If it appears to look natural, then you can relax and proceed with your normal makeup application. If the colour is overly dark, mix in some more of the paler formula. If it’s overly pale, on the other hand, mix in some more of the darker formula. Keep mixing more of the paler or darker formulas until the colour seems 100 percent natural.

Last but not least, make a point to use a face powder that’s totally translucent. If you use a face powder that has colour, you could risk ruining all of your previous effort. You could risk walking around looking totally unnatural, as well.

If you’re patient and take your time, attaining a foundation shade that looks lovely and natural with your self tan shouldn’t be a problem at all. It’s important to never be quick and slapdash when mixing your foundations.